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About Us

Akwaeke and Associates is a firm of Estate Surveyors and Valuers registered by the Estate Surveyors and Valuers Registration Board of Nigeria since 2004  to practice the profession of real estate surveying and valuation throughout the federation.We deliver real estate solution to our clients by meeting their expectations in terms of budget and specific needs.Our services include valuation of properties for all purposes,property management,estate agency,property development,project management,estate consultancy,preparation of feasibility and viabiiity appraisal among other related real estate services.

Our firm is a vibrant and dynamic real estate firm.This is borne out by our range of real estate services,packaging and quality of our services and personnel


To be one of the leading professional real estate firms in Nigeria and globally with implementation of corporate social responsibility in our business locations.


To deliver professional real estate services through the highest calibre of service and teamwork towards exceeding our client's expectations.

Our Services

We offer a range of real estate services which include inter alia;


This entails the determination of the value or worth of an interest in an asset using information from the prevailing economic situation.Valuations are carried out not only on land and buildings but also on other forms of assets such as items of plant and equipment,furniture,motor vehicles,vessels,aircraft etc

Valuation can be done for different purposes namely mortgage,insurance,disposal,mergers and acquisitions,foreclosure, auctioneering, compulsory acquisition etc


This involves the letting,sub-letting,sale and purchase of landed properties whether it is completed,or yet to be completed.Our strategies include;

1.We undertake a detailed study/inspection of the property or building plan to ascertain the total lettable space/accomodation schedule and also the services to be provided within and without the property among others.

2. With the owners permission,we erect our "TO LET" or "FOR SALE" board.

3.We mount aggressive advertisement campaign through the pages of wide circulating newspaper and social media.

4.We inform our clients that have made enquiries in the past to quickly deal on the property and close the transaction.

5.We use other in house advert means to close the transaction as quickly as possible.


In this area we undertake a wide range of real estate consultancy services ranging from advice on investments through the preparation of feasibility and viability reports,appraisal of already prepared reports,aiding our client to seek financial assistance from the finance industry.

Property development is a multifaceted business,encompassing activities that range from the renovation and sub lease of existing buildings to the purchase of land and the sale of improved land to others.Our team of experienced developers are the coordinators of these activities by converting ideas on paper into real property.We ensure smooth process of purchasing the land,determining the marketing of the property,developing the building program and design,obtaining the necessary public approval and financing,building the structure,leasing,managing and selling the property.


This concerns the control and supervision of a completed development with the aim of maximising the property and the investor's returns from the investment as well as ensuring the proper upkeep and maintenance of the property.Our role as property managers includes;

1.The keeping of property records and register to ensure that notices to renew or determine lease,excise options etc are taken up at their appropriate dates

2.Selecting,negotiating and collecting rents from suitable tenants only

3.Regular inspection of property to ensure that tenants comply with the covenants contained in lease agreements

4.Regular meetings with tenants  towards resolving numerous complaints from tenants such as repairs etc.

5.Interfacing with regulatory authorities and other third parties regarding issues pertaining to the property.


Project appraisal,which entails carrying out feasibility and viability study to determine practicability or otherwise of proposed projects also includes sourcing for development finance.

Generally,in preparing feasibility and viability study ,our team of Estate Surveyors and Valuers will determine the following factors; whether or not a proposed development is practicable and profitable and the degree of such profitability to attract development finance for a developer.This will enable the developer to choose between two or more alternative types of development to determine the highest and best use of the land.


As project Managers,we have the responsibility of the planning,execution and closing of any project.We are also accountable for accomplishing key project management responsibilities such as creating clear and attainable project objectives,building the project requirements,and managing the triple constraints for projects which is cost,time and scope.

Our team usually  determine and implement the exact needs of the client based on knowledge of the company we are representing.The ability to adapt to the various internal procedures of the contracting party,and to form close links with the nominated representatives,is essential in ensuring that the key issues of cost ,time,quality and above all,client satisfaction is realised and exceeded.

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