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About the Agent

Divine Access Homes (Divine Access Investments Int’l Limited) with CAC Number RC 1453628 is a Real Estate Realtors, Advisory, Sales and Marketing of Property Investments.

We undertake Selling of Investment, Homes, Lands and Renting or Leasing of Buildings (Housings) within the Retail, Commercial and Residential Property Segment.

Our values are Accountability, Integrity, Respect and Loyalty to our Clients. We are committed to helping you fulfill your home dreams. We Maintain Professionalism, Integrity, Honesty and Openness in all our transactions. When you are looking for property to buy, we are always available to absorb the pressure from you. ... Committed to helping the You Fulfil Your Home Dreams!

Primary Activity

As a real estate broker, we help a diverse range of clients with selling, renting, buying homes, project Management and Property Management.

Our other activities include:

1. Partner with clients to buy, sell and rent real estate properties within the target market you have identified

2. Actively seek and solicit clients by promoting brand, networking, advertising and offering services to potentially interested parties

3. Show various properties to prospective buyers and renters in order to showcase options and help them find the right property

4. Advertise and promote properties and the general brand in order to attract clients and draw traffic to properties for sale or rent

5. Draft sale and purchase contracts for respective parties to be completed upon the closing of a real estate transaction

6. Advise clients on best practices in light of market conditions, general prospects and other relevant impacting factors

7. Negotiate between buyers and sellers to facilitate agreements that best serve both parties involved and maintain the value of the property at hand

8. Ensure that all real estate transactions initiated are in complete compliance with the applicable laws and regulations relating to the purchase, sale or lease of a property.

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