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About the Agent

Femi Alfred & Co. Is a real estate firm, specializing in providing a premium service through exceptional marketing and professionalism in the upper quartile of the market.

Femi Alfred & Co. with its origins in Nigeria some few years ago, has since expanded to include countries such as South Africa, Dubai, West Africa, and most especially Nigeria. With an ever-expanding network of real estate professionals, Femi Alfred & Co. has become one of the African best and most prestigious real estate networks.

Femi Alfred & Co. draws upon all of the resources that the firm offers to provide comprehensive real estate services through a single point of contact. Our focus is to maximize the value of existing real estate portfolios and provide problem solving capabilities to the complex real estate issues currently faced. We analyze holdings, evaluate options, recommend solutions and implement change. This may be as simple as auditing the escalation portion of a rent bill or as complex as reviewing the implications of a major acquisition.

Femi Alfred & Co. Corporate Services represents Clients in transactions across the country through our Society of Industrial and Office Realtors.

More About Our Tenant Representation Services
contact us Femi Alfred & Co. and we will discuss in detail the process by which we can help you identify your new facility and negotiate the optimum terms of a lease or purchase. We will help you assess your needs, conduct the search for your facility, negotiate the rock bottom price and at the same time advise you as to how to structure the deal for future growth. Best of all, our tenant representation services are normally paid for by the landlord or the seller (as the case may be) therefore, there is no cost whatsoever to your company.

Femi Alfred & Co. represents the real estate interests of tenants. Whether the requirement is for office, retail or industrial lease, purchase or build-to-suit, Femi Alfred & Co. professionals utilize a systematic approach to meeting the short and long term objectives of each client.

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