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With the double crash of the capital market in the last decade, the country has witnessed a rise in resort to real estate assets as an alternative means of investment. Real estate, being a more tangible asset gives an assurance of 'having something to hold unto', even if the market crashes.

All this not withstanding, the real estate market as an investment tool is yet to reach its potentials in the Nigerian economy for many reasons. From the restrictive nature of the Land Use Act, to the cost and regulatory impediments to securitization of real estate investments and other real estate investment schemes, real estate as an investment mechanism still suffers. The biggest challenge however to real estate investment in the private sector is one of trust. A lot of investors have been badly 'burnt' in the business and would rather not venture again.

Lisieux Avila is a product of the passion to explore the potentials of the market with a guarantee of integrity. Speak to us today of your needs and together we shall work something to suit your purpose. From the asset owner who wants to create liquidity on an asset without relinquishing title to an investor seeking economic value in real estate without tile, we will make your dreams a reality within the confines of the law.

The double combination of real estate expertise and legal advisory gives you a package you will not regret.

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