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About the Agent

@Burgswoods property & consultant our services encompasses

1) Realtor : buying & selling, leasing commercial space offices, warehouse. We solicite our clients that are willing to invest or shows interest in Estates property commercial , private residencial and more.

Before you buy consult us
Before you build consult us
Before you Rent consult us
@ Burgswoods property & consultant facility management Nig LTD

2). Facility maintenance management ( FMM). We are professional management discipline focused on the efficient and effective delivery of logistics and other support services related to real property,

Every Building,Factories,organization installed and established needs us,you I mean you needs us.

@ Burgswoods we carry out facilities maintenance services in every aspect,we help you make your property look valuable again in the community and environment its installed.

@ Burgswoods will help make that your building, factories, organization, institution serve it function again in it's community.

We have multiple disciplines to ensure functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of your Building, organization.

Don't wait until your Buildings, Factories , organization start us now for routines day to day maintenance services.

Don't wait until your Factories, institutions is totally Delaputated or completely Un-maintained, make arrangements with us now . For contuity and functionality of your property.

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