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4 Elegant Types of Picture Frames

Picture frames decorate the edges of pictures such as paintings or photographs, in order to enhance and protect them. Framed pictures are very common wall decorators which add texture to walls making them lively; framed family photographs allow special family moments to be cherished and displayed.


Frames are mostly square or rectangular in shape, though there are several other interesting shapes out there like hearts, stars and circular ones. The measurement call out for picture frames indicates the inside dimension of the frame that holds the photograph.

Here are 5 elegant types of picture frames

1. Float frame


Float frames are designed to work with photos printed or painted on canvas, they give the appearance that the picture is floating in the air which creates an interesting visual detail and a sense of three-dimensional depth in overall display. There is space between the edges of the picture and the inside opening of the frame, this type of framing allows the picture’s natural borders to show. A floating frame is a beautiful way to display the most precious photos or priceless artwork in your collection, giving them a presence that matches their importance.


2. Shadowbox frame

shadow box

A shadow box is a deep box enclosed with a glass covering over the top that holds or displays items of value, adding dimension to them. They are deeper than standard picture frames and are often used to display more than one photo at a time or a photo along with other related objects in the manner of a scrapbook. The grouping of the objects and the depth effect created by their relative heights from the backing creates a dramatic visual result; they are ideal for showcasing photographs, paper craft and keepsakes.

3. Digital Photo frame

digital photo

This is a type of frame that displays one or more digital photo without the need of a computer or printer. Digital photo frames are designed to look like conventional picture frames, they can be hung on walls or left to stand on tables. Images are displayed in a sequence, like a slideshow and new images can be uploaded to replace old ones as desired; pictures can be downloaded by connecting to the internet via a phone line. They contain a certain amount of built in memory and/or a memory card slot.


4. Clip Frame

clipClip frames allow you to display more art without an outer frame, they are not technically frames but are a popular way to display pictures. The photograph is placed between the glazing material and the backing material which are usually two thin sheets of glass and small clips are fitted overreach corner to sandwich them together. The photos have a modern and sleek look that will fit any home décor. They are suitable for photographs, posters, collage but should be avoided when using oil paintings.

Selecting the best frame for your pictures will allow you to perfectly capture those moments that brighten your smile.tolet-need-to-find-na-small-tin


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