4 Reasons Flats Upstairs Might not be the Best

In my last article, I wrote about the obsession of most Nigerian landlords for living upstairs a building while they reserve the flat downstairs for tenants. Well, it’s Africa and the religious mentality of being the head and not the tail is attributed to staying upstairs.

For me, choosing the flat upstairs has nothing to do with being able to exercise your powers as the landlord. In fact, living downstairs can be much better.

As a building can be made up of multiple yet similarly designed flats, it is expedient to know how to identify the best flat when there are more than one vacant flats to choose from.

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I believe the factor of comfort should be placed higher than that of ego. Many landlords with the mentality earlier described are likely to be losing out on the comfort accrued to choosing the best apartment in a building. Comfort includes not having to climb a staircase up to your apartment on a daily basis. Only flats on ground floor enjoy such comfort.

 Proximity to the entrance of the building

The closer you are to the gate of the building, the more likely you are to serve as the gateman if there’s no gateman employed. Also, staying closer to the gate means you will be the most disturbed by loud knocks on the gate. Hence, the flat at the back may just be the best if you don’t want disturbance.

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Emergency Exit

If you choose to stay in the flat upstairs, you’d be at more risk when it comes to emergency situations. In the case where there’s only one entrance, it would take a longer effort to exit.

Cooler Atmosphere

Well, this happens to be the major reason most people prefer staying upstairs. However, the above points, combined, are strong enough to make a ‘cool atmosphere’ an insufficient reason to stay in the flats upstairs.


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