5 Basic Steps in Building a House in Lagos

Are you considering building a house? And don’t have a clue how to go about it? Understanding the basic steps in building a house will aid your knowledge and in turn, help you come out with a great result. It does not matter whether it is your first or second house.

The steps below are not arranged in no particular order but they would go a long way in helping you understand the scheme of things in housing construction.



1. You need to acquire a land

The first step that sets things in motion is acquiring a plot of land on which to erect your house. Here, you have to be careful not to fall for fraudsters. Buying a land from the omo onile’s is not advisable. Ensure you do due diligence when acquiring a land so you do not end up buying a land in a location that is under government acquisition or where certain types of buildings are not allowed. Also, when acquiring a plot of land in your desired geographical location, make sure you get all documents leading to proof of ownership of the land.


2. A building plan

Once you have gotten a land and all the necessary documentations have been done, the next step is to get the service of an architect to draw the plan of the structure of the house you desire to build. After all your requirements have been discussed, it is then left for your architect to get the plan designed to fit your dream and meet the building standards of the authorities in line with the location of the plot. There are regulations regarding what can be built, where it can be built and how, the architect is the best person to help you achieve what is possible and legal. Therefore, before a standard house is erected, involving an architect will be a very good thing to do.

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3. Consulting with a Building Professional/Quantity surveyor

Next up, you will need the services of a Quantity Surveyor who would come up with the Bill of Quantities (BOQ).

A Bill of Quantities is the determination of the cost of erecting a building. It can be used as a form of cost determination or cost evaluation. It is ideal to have this document as you may be required to produce it for verification purposes when seeking for funds in the construction of your house.

4. Getting a Builder/Site Inspector

A builder/site inspector is often times called a Contractor, Site Supervisor, or Foreman. His job is to ensure that what you have in your building plan becomes a reality on your land. He also makes sure that you dont go above your estimated budget cost except for situations beyond control like say, a price movement in the market while the construction is undergoing.

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5. Labor and Purchase of Building Materials

Securing the services of labourers/masons, carpenters, electrician(s), plumber(s), etc. is essential in achieving your desired dream house. Their help in achieving your project cannot be over-emphasized.

Same goes for the purchase of building materials. Purchasing building materials is one aspect of your building project that has a huge potential of derailing your whole dream house plan cost wise if not adequately put in check. You need to be familiar with material types, their specifications, and the places where they can be purchased. Once you have an in-depth knowledge of these three things, you are good to go. It is also advisable you get the support of an honest handyman to help with the process of buying these materials.

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However, I must mention that building your own home all by yourself is tough work. Outsourcing the building project to a reputable and experienced building contractor is the smart thing to do as it saves you a lot of trouble and may actually result in you having a building that is both structurally sound and beautifully finished.

Nevertheless, if you cannot afford the charges of a building engineer, you should employ the services of a site supervisor to keep track of the pace of work, material usage rate, and quality of work being done.

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