5 Benefits Of LED Lighting You Should Know

We could have caught the thief in my hostel red handed, if not for the fluorescent lamp that was frustratingly blinking throughout the chase. Finally, we met with the hall admin to discuss changing the hostel lightings by breaking down the benefits of LED lights over other types of lightings. Read along as I draw you closer to the benefits of LED lights over several other types of lighting options.


Light Emitting Diodes popularly known as LEDs are the latest and most exciting technological advancement in the lighting industry. LEDs lights are manufactured with small, light and solid bulbs which are best known for their longevity as it last longer than all other types of lightning. LEDs can spend up to 60,000 hours of consistent lighting making it cost affordable and saves cost. LEDs are being used in different places such as residential apartments, broadcasting, media houses, tech firm, aerospace, entertainment and several other applications.

Check 5 Benefits of LED Lighting You Should Know below;


1. Long Life Span

Extended life is one of the best attributes of LEDs, this is because they don’t burn out or fail to work in a short period of time. Quality LEDs will last up to 7 years of constant lighting and 10 times longer than fluorescent bulbs as it spends between 30,000 – 50,000 hours. LEDs are manufactured with diodes with an outstanding lifetime expectancy of 11 years, a typical LED that lights for 8 hours per day will last for 20 years. This Longevity feature of LEDs saves cost on replacing light intermittently and guarantees a lower maintenance lighting system.

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2. Energy Efficiency

LEDs are strongly efficient as regards energy consumption as it consumes 50% less power than Fluorescent or traditional incandescent bulbs. The strong effect of LEDs results into energy cost savings lighting that generates less heat. LEDs are mounted in a way that is capable to reduce waste of light and energy.

3. Durability

LEDs are manufactured with a semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas that makes it rugged than any other type of lighting. LEDs are made with sturdy components that protect it from shock, vibrations and other external conditions and can survive harsh conditions. LEDs are less fragile, breakage resistants and make a good choice for outdoor lightning.

4. Instant Lighting

LEDs are best known for instant illumination when switched on or when an electrical current pass through them, unlike fluorescent lights that brighten up after minutes of working. With LEDs, you are guaranteed 100% instant lighting, as it can be switched off and on severally without reducing its performance or life expectancy.

5. Light Disbursement and Dimmability

LEDs design helps it to focus on a specific location resulting to a higher application efficiency than traditional lighting. LEDs are compatible with different types of controls and can be dimmed to any level of brightness being a semiconductor device.

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