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5 Common Types Of Modern Office Chairs

You will agree with me that one of the major determinant factors of development in any part of the world is economics and economics herein refer to business no matter how little. Business success lies in its ability to effectively plan for its needs and operations which. Purchasing office chairs is a basic planning that you should not neglect when setting up your business.


Office chairs are specially designed to be used at an office desk. The growth in different job roles has brought about a change in the type of office chairs and desk. Consideration must be given to the type of office chairs we choose, as it must perfectly fit the working conditions and user personality or lifestyles. The office chair is practically where you sit for long hours of the day or night depending on your working conditions. Some people make work from their office chair for an average of 8 to 9 hours. A quality office chair is a great investment for your health and productivity at work, it should allow you perform your duty with ease and more importantly should be back spine-friendly. Choosing the office chair is basic to know which type to choose because they perform different functions.

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Check 5 common types of modern office chairs below;


1. Executive Chairs

executive chair

Executive office chairs are the type of office chairs that are being used by executive members such as company owners and senior employees. Executive chairs should be elegant, commonly made of pure leather, metal frame, large backrests, padded armrests, plushly upholstered and padded head rests. The modern design of executive office chairs comes with tilt or roll on wheels, more expensive and a good fit for executive members.

2. Conference Chairs


conference chair

Conference chairs are used for special purposes such as executive meetings or the conference room itself. Consideration should be given to the level of comfortability when using this type of chair, it should have backrests, armrests, strong-enough padding since people will spend long-time sitting on conference chairs. Conference chairs can be manufactured in leather, fabrics or mesh with filled foam on the inside. It is advisable to choose conference chairs that can be easily moved around should there be a reason for movement in and out of the conference hall.

3. Workstation Chairs


workstation chair

Workstation chairs are used by the employee and often ensure some level of comfortability as possible. Workstations should have strong backrests, armrests, padded seat and if possible headrests to avoid excessive straining while working The chair height should be easily adjustable to any height. This type of chairs is commonly manufactured with fabric making it less durable and hard to clean.

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4. Reception or Waiting Chairs

reception chairs

Reception chairs are commonly found in an office that often receives guests, but all types of office should have a waiting chair because they are meant to provide hospitality, warm feeling to your visitor. This type of chairs can be found in the lounge and even meeting rooms in some offices. The best type of visitor chairs come with backrest without armrests, especially the tub models. This is where interviewee and random visitors sit at the office.

5. Guest Chairs

guest chairs

Guest can be business partners, consultants or government officials. Business should provide comfortable chairs for them, some guest chairs can be elegant, manufactured from expensive fabrics but it is not necessary for this type of chairs to have padding or armrests because they are meant to be used for few minutes and hours and business need not spend much on buying guest chairs.

Listed above are least of chairs a business must have, consideration should be given to the chair manufacturer, materials and functions to avoid wasting your budget.


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