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5 Different Types Of Showers For Modern Bathroom

Could you believe the origin of showers were from natural waterfalls? As important as bathing is to the human personal hygiene so is the shower an important feature of modern bathrooms. A shower is one of the major accessories that should be in any type of bathroom. Showers are specifically built to automatically spray water on people’s body when bathing, the water could be warm or hot depending on the users choice.


Modern shower design often comes with adjustable showerhead nozzle and spray pressure controller. The simplest form of showers being the down swivelling nozzle and complex showers have a separate hose connected to the showerhead. More importantly, a shower consumes less water than other means of bathing.

Check 5 Different Types Of Showers For Modern Bathroom below;


1. Electric Shower

electric shower

Electric shower as the name implies is a multifunctional type of shower and often serve different category of people. Electric showers are manufactured with an internal heater tank that heats up cold water from the main unit and sprays hot water on demand. Electric shower heats up the water that passed through from the main unit before it reaches the opening and does not heat up the whole tank, they are affordable but requires qualified technician and plumbers to install.

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2. Digital Shower

digital shower

Digital showers are the rarest type of showers and cannot be found in every type of modern houses because it is more of a luxurious feature to the bathroom. Digital showers can’t primarily work without electricity, it shares similar features with an electric shower but is more advanced. Digital showers are operated by the use of a wireless controller situated at any part of the house, with a digital shower you can change the water temperature. Advanced digital showers can include technology such as touch screens and LCD displays.


3. Mixer Shower

mixer showers

Mixer showers are manufactured with two separate units for the hot and cold water supplies, it draws both hot and cold water from different units and pushes through the shower head. Mixer showers are manufactured with a shower valve that mixes the water together in a regulated temperature. Mixer shower requires professionals for its fixing to avoid irregularities in the flow of water.

4. Power Showers

power shower

Power showers are ideal for low water pressure as it is built with a pump. Power showers are commonly used in spa or hotels but can be a great feature for a house as well, it automatically pumps water at a high speed with the help of the built-in pump, it consumes more water than any other type of shower and is expensive to fix and repair.

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5. Shower Panels/Tower

shower panel

Shower panels are the latest technology in types of shower and require little or no expertise to install. Shower panels are advised for anyone planning a renovation, it is an expensive option but does not require pulling off your wall tiles to fix and requires an additional water pump because it works perfectly with a high-pressure water system.

Whichever type of shower you decide to choose, ensure it serves the purpose of installation and considers the above-listed features when installing your shower. 



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