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5 Qualities of Good Paints

It’s one thing to choose the right colour of paint for your new apartment and another to choose the best paint product. Your house paint can instantly change the face of your apartment. 

Since changing the color of your house every year can be expensive, you should choose a healthy and long lasting paint. We list the features that your paint should have in order to appear as vivid and glossy as the first day.


Paint applied on your wall should completely cover the subsurface. In order to do this, apply the paint as 2-3 coats at the least to cover the color of the subsurface.

Easy application

Having a paint which is easily applied on the wall will help you to save time and provide economic convenience. Use a brush and roller brush to apply the paint easily.

paint covering subsurface


In order to eliminate the problems resulting from user errors, prefer products which are resistant against friction, scratching and wiping.

Resistance against chemical effects

One of the most important reasons for paint application is to protect the surfaces against chemical and environmental effects. Increase the durability of your surfaces with paints which will protect your walls against external effects such as rain, sun etc. and against chemicals such as detergent and soap etc.


Finally, use paints which prolong the life of the surfaces in order to create a different and vivid atmosphere with decoration. Choose glossy, satin, matte and silky matte paints for an elegant touch to your walls.


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