5 Questions To Ask Real Estate Agent When Selling A House

Making the final decision to sell your house is not as important as hiring an amazing agent to work with. Most sellers are concerned about how much they will get for a property listing and the commission hereby hiring an agent without knowing much about their dealings. There are certain questions to ask your prospective real estate agent and it is expected of a professional real estate agent to be able to answer your questions in detail. Hiring the right real estate agent will fast track and help sell your house fast.

Below are some important questions to ask real estate agent when selling your house.

1. What is Your Experience?

Experience is said to be the best teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask how to experience your agent is. Years in business does not automatically term to more experience but rather you should find out what type of property listings did they worked on in the past.


2. What is Your Sales Plan?

Professional real estate agents should have written documents that will state the marketing strategy to be deployed when selling your house. Go ahead and ask your agents how they plan to market your house, from newspaper listings, quality photos, online listings and social media are must-have skills for your agent. You can go further by asking your agent for marketing track record to see how well they will perform with your listing.

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3. How Will We Communicate?

Avoid hiring agent who is not so good with communications. It is advisable to engage your agent either in person or via phone and study the conversation to find out if your agent has what it takes to work with you. Agree on the medium and frequency of communications.

4. Do You Specialize In This Neighbourhood?

Hiring an agent who is experienced in your area of listing is of great advantage because such agents will have enough information about upcoming development. Ask your agents if they had worked in your neighbourhood in the past or deal with listings in similar settings. The agent should really understand your local market in other to be able to sell your house.

5. How Do You Price The Listing?

This is arguably one of the most important questions every house seller should ask agents they intend working with. Too high listings will turn off potential buyers while a house priced too low is a bad investment. Find out if your agent is knowledgeable about the listing price variations as well as similar markets.

Other questions you can ask your agent is how much the listing will take, who you will be working with as regards the agency team and particularly their licenses. The most prefered approach for sellers is to treat their first meeting with an agent for an interview and opportunity to ask all sort of questions they may have before making their final decision.

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