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5 Reasons to Use Room Dividers

The most common way of separating the many rooms in a house is by using walls as partitions and having a door to create access into the rooms but there are other cool ways to separate the rooms in your home that could be more satisfying; you can as well do a little of this and a little of that to give your house a glamorous look.


Room dividers differ in nature; they could be built in like sliding partitions and foldable glass, portable like accordion dividers, permanent like using dividers that can be functional, hanging like cloth and beaded curtain dividers. Room dividers can be made from many materials, including wood, fabric, mirrors, plexiglass, plants, shelves and framed cotton canvas.

Here are 5 reasons to use room dividers


1. Divide rooms

divide roomsRoom dividers as the name implies are used to divide space into separate distinct areas, they can be used to separate adjoining rooms instead of using the usual walls adding a distinct touch to the rooms and using space effectively. If you have a public living room that leads into a private living room, using a room divider to separate them is not a bad idea. They are also ideal for separating the dining area from the sitting room area and can fit into any room of your choice. The type of divider you use to rooms depends on what the rooms will be used for and what you want.

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2. As embellishments


Apart from dividing rooms, room dividers can add elegance to any room and can be used for the sole purpose of enhancing the interior design of your home. They can be used to create style, as an alternative to hanging art works add colour and give the room a focal point. Some partitions come with geometric patterns, greenery, beads and effects to enliven any space they are put in. portable decorative screens can be used to match the décor for a special occasion.


3. Concealing and Privacy


When there is need to conceal a space when guests visit or add privacy to a space, wall dividers can come in very handy. They can totally or partially conceal an area depending on what you want; If your kids are sharing a room, wall dividers can be used to create separate sleeping areas and give them a sense of privacy even though it’s still one room. They can be used to separate the closet in a room from the sleeping area, thereby concealing it from the eyes of anyone who steps into the room.

4. Dual functionality rooms

dual functionality

If a room has dual functions, a wall divider can be used to separate one area from another; for instance, a workspace inside your bedroom can be separated from the sleeping area by using a room divider which can also make the sleeping area cosier. You can set aside a play area for your children in any room of your choice and cover it with screen or partition to let them know they shouldn’t play beyond that area and prevent toys from getting to areas where they shouldn’t be.

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5. Adding functionality

functionalA room divider can incorporate a bookshelf, art display, bulletin board, plant stand and other functional items in a home. Besides separating the room, it can add possibilities to what can be done in a room and allows for creativity; increasing storage is one of the things room dividers can be used for. A bookcase divider can create a tiny library in a corner of the living room and a plant stand can create a mini-conservatory; hence, room dividers can be used in a functional capacity.

Room dividers are a versatile element in interior decorating that can completely change the look and feel of a space tolet-need-to-find-na-small-tin



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