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5 Steps To Choosing The Right Bathtub

Do you agree with Thomas Aquinas saying that “Some of the best ways to alleviate sorrow is by a good sleep, bath and a glass of wine”? Taking a warm bath in the dusk of the day can be a soothing relief from a tiring and stressful day. 

Bathtubs are small or large containers specially built for holding water while two or more people can have their bath. Bathtubs can be manufactured with acrylic, porcelain enamelled steel, fiberglass-reinforced polyester, full brick and strong plastic. Bath tubs are mostly rectangularly shaped.


Bathtubs come in varieties of designs, shapes and colour, serve different purposes can either be used by one, two or more people at the same time. Modern bathtubs designs can have waste drains and taps directly mounted on them, some may be built-in or a stand alone. This type of bathtubs comes in different shapes such as rectangle, oval, round, square and custom made. Choosing the type of bathtub that will suit your personality and be functional requires a less rigorous process if carefully planned.

Check 5 Steps To Choosing The Right Bathtub below;


1. Tub Size

bathtub size

The size is a major element in every house decoration and remains the major criteria for purchasing a bathtub. Choosing a tub that comfortably fits you in shouldn’t be the only point of concern when choosing a bathtub because there can be a too big bathtub as well. Too much of extra spaces inside the tub may lead to water wastage. The bathtub should not be too small, will you be sharing the tub with a partner, the two person tub is a really nice idea.

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2. Functionality

bathtub function

Bathtubs are primarily meant for bathing but can also double as a nice place for relaxation, thinking or even reading newspapers. Whirlpool tubs are commonly used for massaging, more of a therapeutic function as an addition to regular bathing. Consideration should be given to the level of usability with other functions before purchasing the tub.

3. Type of Bathtub

soak bathtub

The types of bathtubs are soaking or standard, built-in or stand alone. The soaking bathtub is primarily used for therapeutic functions while standard bathtubs are used for regular bathing. Soaking tubs are ideal for bathing during rainy seasons as it helps immersed you in the hot water filled tubs and alternatively relief achy muscles. Built-in bathtubs are installed directly on the bathroom floor or wall and can’t move around, mostly found in old bathrooms. Stand-alone bathtubs are usually manufactured with a wheel like a stand that allows for moving or even changing the bathtubs direction.


4. Designs, Shapes and Colour

bathtub shape

The bathtubs design, shapes and colour is a must complimentary to increase convenience level in your bathroom. A bathtub that is of different style and colour with your sink or toilet may look wary and out of place. Consideration must be given to other fixtures and accessories as well as the bathroom wall colour. Bathtubs shape can be corner tubs, heart shaped, oval or the common rectangle.

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5. Material Bathtub

bathtub material

Bathtubs are made with a variety of materials such as Metal, Brick, Glass, Ceramics and Iron depending on the users choice. The bathtub material will determine its strength, durability and ease of maintenance. Whether your bathtubs is made of Acrylic, Marble, Wood, Brick, Cast Iron, Fiberglass or strong plastic. Cast iron tubs can last longer than any type of bathtubs materials. Fibreglass and Marble tubs are expensive and difficult to maintain. Consideration should be given to bathtubs that will be used by children and as such the material should not be too strong or harmful should there be slippery.

Bathtubs are really one of the greatest options for spurring the look and feel of your bathroom while providing you with flexible bathing experience. After careful analysis of your budget, consider the above-listed steps to enable you to choose the right bathtub for your bathroom.



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