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5 Types Of Multipurpose Bookshelves System

Bookshelves or bookcase is a piece of furniture manufactured like a cabinet with horizontal shelves for storing books or other small items. Bookshelves are commonly found in the library but can be fixed anywhere in the house such as the hallway, bedroom, living or children room. The most common types of bookshelves being the one manufactured with woods and often has glass as doors. Bookshelves door will protect the books and other items from dust, moisture and weather conditions that may damage the books.


Bookshelves are one of the most common shelving systems that can be found in modern homes. They are primarily built to store books for display and protection from dust, moisture, and harsh weather conditions. Bookshelves are available in different styles, designs, and materials such as wood, plastic, glass or metal.

Check 5 Types Of Multipurpose Bookshelves System below;


 Floating Shelving System

floating shelve

Floating shelve systems are used to visibly display books floating over walls. Floating shelves are also called torsion box shelves and are made of wood supported by internal brackets. Floating shelve system is a single rack attached to a wall, mostly used for lightweight books or items such as magazine and comic books and are available in different colours, sizes, and shapes. Floating shelves hanging and brackets are hidden behind the shelves and they are stronger than other types of shelve system.

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 Corner Shelving Systems

corner bookshelf

Corner shelving systems are ideal for maximising storage as it takes less space on the wall and comes in fancy styles. Corner shelving system can either be hung on the wall or installed on the floor and are mostly manufactured n solid wood and plastic. Corner shelves can be installed at any vacant space of the house to help change the look and feel of the house.


 Built-in Shelving Systems

built in shelf

Built-in shelves are the most common types of shelving system and can be fitted into every corner of the house. The simplest form of built-in shelves is a single plank of wood fixed horizontally over an opening in a wall. Built-in shelves can be easily installed in any parts of the house.

 Free standing shelving

free standing shelf

Free standing shelvings are perfect for both storage and display of books at the same time. They are available in wide range of colours, portable, easy installation process and can be shifted around. Modern free standing shelving systems are usually built on a wheel and with light weight materials to ease shifting.


Fixed Bracket Shelving Systems

suspended shelf

Fixed bracket shelving systems are made with separate brackets that can be used as a stand-alone shelving systems to form a multi-unit shelving system. They can be manufactured in woods, metal, plastic and available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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Consider making a bookshelf in your house, the above-listed are great options.                                        



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