Most Expensive houses in Nigeria.     While there are a lot of houses that are quite expensive in the country, we decided to show you our two best picks, these houses cost a lot to build and are very beautiful.

  1. Aliyu Abubakar, Chairman of AA oil Limited and His Fortress;

First is the house that belongs to a trained building technologist who ventured into the oil business and stated that he bought the plot of land on which the property sits for 1 Billion Naira in the year 2005. He further mentioned that he financed the building of this fortress from his personal savings and did not get a mortgage from any bank. He also stated that the idea of building this house was so that people would realize that it is possible to build the kind of structures we see overseas in the country and of course that’s a big one for him, because nobody passes by this structure of his without wondering how on Earth was this done and how much it costs all together, if it took  1 Billion Naira to obtain the Land on which such a building was constructed, how much would you guess the structure itself would cost?




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2.  Okwudili Umenyiora, CEO of Dilly Motors This second structure asides the fact that it costs a whopping $10 Million to finish and it took four years to complete is an attractive structure to behold entire, it reminds me of the house Tony Montana lived in the movie “Scarface” having swimming pools both internal and external, an internal elevator and many other features that would blow your mind. The house is being maintained by five house helps and also as crazy features like “Floor Television”- I mean, who does that right?



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