Choosing Between Working in Lagos Mainland or Lagos Island

The choice of where to live affects many other decisions out of which is the decision of where to work.

I have found myself in the dilemma of whether to take up job opportunities found in both Lagos Island and Lagos mainland despite the fact that I reside closer to the mainland.

Basically, anyone would choose to work in an area close to where he/she works and vice versa. However, in my case and that of others similar to mine, it may not necessarily be so, due to some Lagos factors.

Lagos Island can be said to have most of the highest-paying jobs and best-designed apartments than the mainland. But in terms of cost of living, it is more economical to live on the mainland.


Someone could get a job on the island paying a monthly salary of N300,000 and on the mainland paying, say, N200,000 monthly. Assuming this person resides on the mainland where accommodation is cheaper, he/she will have to spend more on transport fare to work on the Island plus the time that will have to be spent commuting to and fro Third Mainland bridge.


On the other hand, the person has the option of living on the island, closer to where he works with the benefit of saving cost on transport but to spend much more on accommodation than he does living on the mainland.

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What is your advice? Take the Island job or the mainland job?

Trust me, many are struggling with this decision and your invaluable advice would go a long way. Kindly share your view by commenting below.



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