Getting an apartment is just one of many hurdles there is in acquiring your dream home. You don’t want to feel relaxed too soon when there is more work ahead. There is the aspect of moving in and also setting up your apartment. But as much as moving in can be a headache, knowing what to put in a particular place make your work seamless, from furniture to kitchen appliances among others.

This leads us to one thing that is mostly ignored by a lot of people: Lighting. There is a special effect that good lighting gives every home, the choice of lighting in your home does not only add to its aesthetics but decides the overall ambience of the home.

The first step to getting the perfect lighting for your home is understanding your home-type and the type that soothes your person. Below are tips on how to choose lighting for your home.




One tip to kick-starting how to light your home is defining the purpose for the light. Like in most modern homes, each decoration serves a particular or specific purpose. That is, knowing the ‘why’ of a particular thing gives you more insight about it. Therefore, asking yourself why you need to light a particular spot or place in your home helps define the purpose. For instance, lighting a particular place in your home for work purposes will differ compared to other places. Too dim of lighting on your workstation is not good because you may end up hurting your eyes. This is not to say you need very bright lights for your workstation. All that you need is a direct light focused on your workstation. In order to get the best lighting, ensure the light is correctly angled to avoid creating shadows on the working area.

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Lighting as mentioned earlier add to the overall aesthetics of a home. It also can be the reason you are safe or not in your home. The walkways, sidewalks, perimeter of the house, and the entry of your home should have proper lighting. Too dim lights can be signals to intruders or thieves and can also put you in danger.  The lights will allow you to see clearly; things or people in dark corners. You can easily spot an intruder on your property from afar if your lights are good. If you are unsure of the kind of light, you can take clues from your neighbour and implement at your own home.



The overall aesthetics is likely the reason most people light their homes. Having all the modern decorations in your home without proper lighting will not bring out the beauty of your home. When you properly light your home, you add beauty to it. In order to create proper lighting which in turn add to the aesthetics of your home, using proper light both on the inside and outside is a good way to start. For instance, in rooms like the kitchen, bedrooms, and living spaces, multiple light sources will help you achieve a variety of functions and activities in that space.  

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While it’s possible to have all the lights for different purposes and reasons, the structure of your home also determines the type of light you can use. It is important to understand how your home is structured before setting out for the lights. A good observation of your ceiling type, whether it is high or low also help you choose the perfect light. The type of ceiling helps you decide if you can just settle for lamps or chandeliers depending on the size.



Aside from the many tips highlighted on how to light your home, another is choosing the lights that best soothe your person. Although this is also dependent on the colours used in painting your home. You don’t want to have too bright lights and not be able to concentrate most of the times. A good light help set the tone in your home because they have a way of enhancing your space and making you feel at home. For instance, the lighting for when children sleep should be different from the lighting in the living room. Night lights can help small children from being scared, but can also help parents navigate through dark rooms. For nurseries consider a dim wall sconce, or table lamp that can be used for changing diapers, or rocking infants to sleep.

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So when next you are shopping for lights in your home, putting into considering the above mentioned will help you make the right choice in choosing lights for your home. Remember, the light in your home can help your ambiance and mood in the space.

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