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4 Tips For Choosing The Right Chandelier Sizes For Modern Houses

One of the greatest ways to inject style and personality into a room is by hanging a chandelier. Chandeliers were earlier used for formal dining rooms, grand entrances and can be mostly found in modern buildings. In recent times, designers are now using them in other parts of the houses, such as kitchens, bedrooms and even bathrooms.


Chandeliers come in different shapes, sizes and colours. Modern chandeliers are fabricated with ranges of materials such as glass, plastics and ceramics. Still finding means to brighten up your house. You’ll want to choose a chandelier that replicates the designs of your house. It is always advisable to research for a chandelier that matches your house decoration, painting and structure. One of the most popular choices of the chandelier is an orb chandelier and crystal chandelier. Consideration must be given to the size of the room the chandelier will illuminate, design and form of the chandelier as well as the height of the ceiling. Manufacturers are making chandeliers in all kinds of styles and finishes, which gives you options no matter how your home is decorated.

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Check 4 Tips For Choosing The Right Chandelier Sizes For Modern Houses below;

1. Medium chandeliers

medium chandelier

Medium sized chandeliers are mostly found in the dining room, kitchen or over the table in the breakfast corner. Modern kitchen designs with countertops and vaulted ceilings create new creative spots for the beauty of this type of chandeliers. Medium sized chandeliers can be manufactured up to 36 inches in diameter.

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2. Mini Chandeliers

bedroom chandelier

Mini sized chandeliers are mostly found in the bathroom and bedroom. A mini sized chandelier will add a soft touch of lighting to the bath and it is also a perfect means by which you can create a quiet space for reading and brief discussions. Mini chandeliers are under 20 inches in diameter.

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3. Foyer Chandeliers

foyer chandelier

Foyer chandeliers require a large space to fit in because they are the largest type of chandeliers and are mostly found in buildings or rooms with high ceilings. An ideal place for a foyer chandelier will be at least 9 feet away from the floor. Foyer chandeliers are commonly placed at the entry way of a house, but any other large and spacious place in the house is a nice idea as well.

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4. Outdoor Chandeliers

outdoor chandelier

This is one of the amazing features of a modern house, bringing the indoor to an open space. Outdoor chandeliers are available in different styles to lighten up your whole outdoor experience and can be used in the basement, rooftop dining, huts and backyards. A portable and temporary type of outdoor chandelier can be found in most Nigerian houses during festive periods such as Christmas.

The quality of the chandelier lights should not be disregard when choosing the right sizes, this is because the primary aim of the chandelier is to provide lighting. Therefore, it’s brightness should be sufficient enough to shed light on the whole area.



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