Colour Combination in a Home

One of the first things people notice when they step into a place is the colours. Well, maybe not always, as people seldom take note of such details. But even if they don’t necessarily ‘see’ it, there is a general feeling that comes with colours – excitement, warmth, relaxation, moodiness. Several studies have been carried out to know the impact of colours on mood and psychology.

Apart from the colours of the walls, even the items in the room such as the sofa, curtains, rug, and artwork, also speak volumes. The way these items blend with each other and the walls will determine the general outlook of the space. Depending on the context, there is a relationship colours share. And it is important to get this right.

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To help you properly combine colours in your home, these are a few tips:

  • Use darker colour themes for the floor, medium for the walls and light colours for the ceiling.
  • Colours next to each other on the colour wheel – such as blue and green – are more casual and relaxing, and work best in informal or private spaces. This casual feel makes the colour blend best fit for the bedroom.
  • Add a touch of black, it helps clarify other colours in the room
  • Another thing that can help you determine the colour that best suits you is to take a cue from your clothes. Are there lots of blue? Or red? This shows that you feel comfortable in that colour, why not have a touch of the colour in your home?
  • Divide the colours into components of 60 percent of a dominant colour (walls), 30 percent of a secondary colour (upholstery) and 10 percent of an accent colour (accessories).
  • Paint small spaces with vibrant colours. This will make them pop.Image result for images of living room
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Apart from the general tips, I have some specifics here that you can use in your home. This way, you know what colours best fit with what. Below are some colour combinations:

  • Red and red

For a red-on-red, use a vibrant red and paint the portion of the wall repeatedly to give a sense of depth. Then use another shade of red, one close to red-brown, below the already painted part. This combination is intense and at the same time relaxing.

  • Gray and Mahogany

This is a beautiful blend of colours, especially if the grey is close to light blue. Apart from the regular black and white that many people use as a contrast to grey, you can also use mahogany. This is best when the furniture has dark colours. The combination gives the whole space a warm feel. Generally, grey is a warm colour and it can be paired with fashionable colours like pink.


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Combining with pink

With pink, many people have this misconception that the colour is only fit for a little girl. But what they don’t know is that with the right combination, pink can give a sophisticated look.

  • Blue and pink

A pink-and-blue living room creates a beachy feel.

  • Red and pink
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Red and pink have a colourful statement that creates warmth and excitement

  • Black and pink

Black on pink creates a smart and crisp look. This is because the combination is bright and lively.

  • Yellow on Pink

These two colours blend well and evoke happiness in the occupant of the room.

  • Purple and pink

This is a bold combination and adds a confident effect on the space.



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