Curtain Colours and their Effects on Mood

ColoursĀ are known to have effects on the mental and emotional health of individuals. Your surroundings may influence your emotions and state of mind more than you imagine. For example, studies have shown that some people looking at the colour red resulted in an increased heart rate

Just as the colour a room is painted has effects on people, likewise, the colour of curtains in a room can also make a difference. It is important to choose the right colour of curtains or drapes for your home as they complement the room colour.


Here is a list of some colours and their effects on people:



blue curtain

Blue is known to be a peaceful colour, hence, it helps to fight insomnia and anxiety.


Red curtain

Red stimulates the appetite, sexual needs, energy, and makes people more active. It may also lead one to express too many emotions. Red curtains are suitable for the dining room and bedroom.


turquoise curtain

Turquoise gives a sense of harmony, and it makes people calm. So this colour is the best fit for your bedroom curtains.


Orange colour provides energy and sense of comfort. It is especially suitable for the kitchen, because the colour improves digestion, and gives comfort.

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Yellow colour provides a sense of friendship. If you want to make, guests feel more comfortable and feel free to communicate, use yellow curtains in your living room.


Green colour helps people relax and makes the room appear more spacious.


Purple curtaina

Purple colour curtains will create a calming effect. It also makes a room more alive.


Pink curtains

Pink colour promotes tenderness and love feelings. It is warm and helps stimulate intimacy.

Light brown

Light brown curtains

Light brown colour curtains will help create a cozy home. Brown colour also helps people to concentrate.

Another thing worth noting is the difference between curtains and drapes as many people confuse both words.

Drapes are generally not made from see-through fabrics and they usually run floor-length. They are thick, made to block out light during the day and to keep the room warm during the cold season. Curtains, on the other hand, are made from cotton or translucent materials.


Drapes are known to be more expensive than curtains, as they contain more fabric

Drapes are usually of higher quality than curtains.

Curtains are not usually lined and so they provide less privacy when used alone but are light enough to be paired and the windows will not appear bulky.

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Curtains are casual and easy to make. It could be floor-length or short.

Drapes are more formal and stylish, unlike curtains which you can just open and close by hand.

Also, drapes are pleated and are more formal. Curtains are informal and it can be easily made.



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