Digital Real Estate Marketing Tools That Every Agent Needs

For every real estate agent, times have changed. The methods and means of marketing have been completely redefined. The digital era has made it easy to sell or purchases all kinds of real estate. Real estate marketing using digital tools is one-way turning leads into clients and closing sales deals faster.

Up to 90% of property seekers, search online. Needless to say, digital marketing is the best form of real estate marketing any agent can engage in. Although a good number of persons still deploy real estate agents to help them through real estate negotiations and transactions. Therefore, the perspective that the rising technology will replace the role of real estate agents might not be happening anytime soon.

However, as an agent, it is important to up your game especially in terms of real estate marketing. This is for real estate agents who want to keep being relevant regardless of the rapid change that comes with technology. There are some ways an agent can leverage on technology to maximize profit and build a long-standing brand.  Here are a few digital real estate marketing tools that every agent needs.


Social Media

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The arrival of the internet and especially social media have our thoughts about real estate marketing ideas networking so much easier. Almost everything happens on social media. Needless to say, it is a vital tool for every real estate agent to leverage on. One amazing thing that the social media platform offers is a place for property buyers and sells to interact before the actual deal.

In real estate digital marketing, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and the rest helps you to reach a wider range of persons across the world. With this platform, you can create strong brand awareness, solid identity and client relationship. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer various marketing tools that make it easier to reach the right audience.

Being on social media alone is not enough to get clients chasing after you. Just like every other form of marketing, you have to put in the work. It is important to register your presence by being active. Your updates should be relevant to your niche and help you to constantly build a brand connection between you and potential clients.

Content Marketing

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Regardless of how you like to see it, content is key. In the digital world, you cannot take the quality content away. It presents you are an authority in your field in the eyes of a potential client. Real estate marketing strategy requires mastery of how to create search engine optimized contents also known as SEO content marketing.

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SEO content strategy is aimed at creating highly optimized content that can be recognized, picked up and indexed by Google and other search engines. Every content you put online should be geared at reaching the right clients and closing sales deals.

In reality, content marketing is one of the best real estate marketing for agents. Contents you publish on your social media platforms, websites and real estate blogs serve as a type of conversion marketing. It moves random home seekers, buyers and real estate enthusiasts into potential clients. Quality content makes people see you as an expert and establishes trust.


Email Marketing

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The use of email is a vital tool in real estate digital marketing. It is one powerful way of generating leads and maximizing sales to yield returns on investment. Email marketing is one key real estate marketing technique that can be used to measure returns.

As a real estate agent or agency, it is essential to keep clients and potential clients up to date on what you do and what’s new. Email marketing is one way of reaching clients fast. The first step to email marketing is building a contact list. After which you go right to creating newsletters, either weekly or monthly with useful and quality content.

There is a huge probability that as you continue to dish out quality content, people who receive these emails will begin to share with their friends on social media. This way, more people get referred and subscribe as well. However, for you to actively engage in email marketing, you have to be an active user of email as well. This is important as interested persons might want to send their inquiries and questions via email.

Search Engine Marketing

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The internet has made it easy to get information on just about any and everything. For those in the real estate industry, this is undoubtedly one of the amazing real estate marketing ideas. Homeseekers no longer have the time or patience to engage in the traditional methods of moving from one neighbourhood to another in search of the right property.

With the help of search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, people can search for homes to buy, prices of various properties and details of the location. Being recognized by these search engines has both the technical and creative (content marketing) side to it.

In most cases, because of the technical aspect of SEO marketing, people prefer to get the help of an expert. However, if you are interested in digital marketing then it will come as a walk in the part to you.



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