First-time tenant tips

There is this cozy feeling you get doing anything for the first time like your first day at school, the birth of your first child, your first certificate or moving into a new house. The excitement of moving into your new rented apartment as a first-time tenant may get you quickly in trouble. Below are tips to assist you as a first-time tenant in your new environment.


Appliance Use

Some first-time tenants have no experience working with appliances such as the pumping machine, washing machine or circuit box. Although, some first- time tenants may have experience with some appliances but may not be familiar with how to operate the specific models of appliances in their new rented apartment.

It is helpful to ask the landlord to explain the proper use and maintenance of each appliance in your home so as to avoid misuse of the appliances.  



First-time tenants have likely never paid rent before.  If you want to ensure that you pay on time, it is best to ask your agent or Landlord to explain the entire rent payment process to you.  Make sure to ask which payment methods are accepted and how to pay your rent each month/year. 

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Try to have a good relationship from the start

Sometimes the first-time tenant may not know what to expect from landlords. Contrary to popular belief not all Landlords are wicked or unreasonable. If you treat them with respect and kindness from the start, chances are higher that you will have a good relationship with your landlord.

Be considerate to the neighbours. Anti-social behaviour could get you evicted sooner than expected so just be considerate of the neighbours in your compound.


Ask for the local area amenities

Been out on your own for the first time can be a scary especially if you don’t know the area. Ask for local restaurants, shopping areas, hospital, pharmacy, petrol station and recreational spots from your landlord.

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Ask for permission

Don’t attempt any repairs or major renovations without first contacting your Landlord or Agent to seek permission and guidance because not reporting such changes made to the rented house may lead to the risk of losing your caution fee due to a breach of contract.

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