Floor Tiles Ideas for Sitting Rooms

You can’t but notice the flooring design used in sitting rooms especially when you’re entering such houses for the first time. The flooring seen at a friend’s home, offices or commercial spaces can pop up floor tiles ideas for your sitting room to give a trendy and modern look to the interior of your home.

Flooring is an essential finishing found in any home and there are different choices of materials to use in flooring a house which includes laminate, stone, tiles, carpet, hardwood among others.


Tile flooring is a more popular type of flooring used in a living room and in some commercial buildings as well. Generally, tile flooring is a perfect solution to houses with high traffic or movement. Unlike stone flooring, tiles can be easy to replace as they are not indestructible. Although tiles were meant for wet places, installing it in a living room can give an aesthetic feel as well as making the room comfortable to walk on.

There different types of tiles for house flooring to choose from mainly wooden, ceramic, vinyl among others. Floor tiles also come in different beautiful designs, sizes, and colours. In selecting tiles for a living room, it is important to consider what tile design for the living room walls or colours of furniture will match with it for a balanced ambiance.

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Are you in need of floor tiles ideas for your sitting room? I have put together a list of living room floor tile design with pictures to aid the creative expression of the interior design in your home.


Flowery clovers

Flowery Clover tile design

This style depicts someone who loves variety yet with a dash of simplicity. The clovers can be in form of a flower or arabesque design that links to each other in a chain.

Floral Motif

Floral Motif printed tile

Everything about this floor tile just screams luxury, beauty, and class. This floral motif is very feminine and perfect for ladies to be installed in the sitting room and bathroom as well. Notice the way it is combined with a white wall painting and furniture giving it an elegant feel.

Windowpane plaids

window pane plaid floor tile design

A window pane plaid floor tile design is elegant and subtle. When matched with the colours of the furniture piece, they often balance the ambiance of the sitting room.

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A centre of attraction

Centre piece tile design
After a vinyl, ceramic or porcelain floor tile has been installed, adding a tile design that looks like a centrepiece can prove to exude a unique feel to an otherwise dull tile design. Having a centre attraction floor tile design takes away the need to place a centre rug in the sitting room. The possibilities of the exact design for the centrepiece is endless. The Versace trademark is a beautiful attraction for any centre. Going with a brand you love can tell a story to your guest about your taste and style.

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Miniature checks and boxes

plaid boxes

Simplicity is what characterises this style of floor tile as it features a touch of one dark colour with the remaining sizeable lot being more of a lighter shade.

Monochrome streaks

Black and white Monochrome streaks floor tile design

Don’t know what colours match, it is safe to go monochrome by choosing neutral colours from the general interior and matching it with black or white. You can never go wrong with monochrome streaks as they are always a beautiful tile design for any living room.

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Unique 3D 

3D Living Room Floor Tile

3D floor tiles are the new trend in flooring and it is giving a new dimension to an interior home decor. Try decorating your sitting room with 3D floor tiles, you are sure to receive compliments on this one as it turns the floor into beautiful landscapes while giving it an impressive and very unusual look.


You will find relevant the following points to note in selecting tiles for a living room;

  1. Durability: Spending a little extra to get durable floor tiles for a living room will ensure that you don’t have to change it very often.
  2. Maintenance: Buying a floor tile that is easy to maintain is important. Tiles made up of either porcelain or linoleum are easy to maintain and resilient.
  3. Style: Your choice of floor tile influences the decoration of the entire living room. As such, it should not only match the style of the room, it must also complement and add more to its aesthetics. You should also choose a tile that’s right for your home as per your living standards and lifestyle as room tiles price varies depending on quality.
  4. Colour: Choosing a colour that complements the rest of your living room makes for a lively and beautiful room. Tile lighter in shade are best for dark coloured walls.
  5. Texture: Families with young children or old people at home must avoid slippery tiles to prevent frequent home accidents. It is best to select non-slip tiles that give one the ability to grip more while walking in a hurry.
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