Pretend you have an exam tomorrow and you have not read anything because you kept posting your reading time. Do you think your inability to prepare will affect your result? The saying if you do not plan to succeed then you plan to fail is very true especially in the real estate mark.  In reality, selling your home is not something you do in a rush. It calls for planning and preparation. We will be looking expressly at how to be prepared for the house selling to the closing of the deal.


The first thing you need to do as a home seller is to decide when you want to sell your house because having a target propels you towards your goal.


After finally deciding when to sell your house then you have to prepare by reading. Read, read, read until you grasp the knowledge about real estate. Research helps you learn from other people’s wealth of experience and avoid mistakes.  

Hire an agent

Ask friends and family for recommendations for an agent. Make sure you hire someone you are comfortable with to represent your interest as a home seller.

Prepare your house

The first impression is very vital in selling your house. Ensure you revamp the exterior and interior of your house. Paint, fix the broken door, weed your garden and clean your house. Remove personal items. Ask your agent for his opinion and advice about preparing your house for sale.


After preparing your home, the next thing is to kick up the gear for marketing. Take great pictures or hire a photographer and post your listing to a reliable property agency. Utilize advertisements like social media, online property agency and others.

Sign up on

ToLet will help you identify homes within your budget as a potential buyer and will give you an idea what is on the market.  As a seller, ToLet helps you to advertise your listing and sends you updates immediately you have interested clients. The juicy part is that ToLet does not charge commission on your profit as a seller.


Before inspection ensure you go to your house to make sure everywhere is clean and organized. Let your agent do their job by allowing them to manage the inspection with the potential buyer. Ask for feedback from your agent.


Let your agent and lawyer assist you with the paperwork in the home selling process. Ensure to ask questions and for clarification about the offer contract as the seller because whatever agreement you sign will be binding on both buyer and seller alike.

Do you think it is necessary to prepare for the home buying and selling timeline? Please share your thoughts below.


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