House Warming Ideas for Your Lagos Apartment

Despite the fact that most people in this part of the world rarely throw house warming parties after eventually finding that dream apartment, a house-warming party can be used as an opportunity to unwind and relax with friends and family.

Planning a house warming party in your Lagos apartment does not have to be a huge deal! Breathe! Although this is an opportunity to off your new apartment, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to do it.


Here’s how to throw a nice party without stress and  breaking the bank;

1. Don’t be under pressure to throw a house warming party immediately you move into your new apartment. Getting your apartment in tip-top shape takes time. You would want your place to be clean, designed nicely, organized, beautifully decorated before a house warming party. Even though you are probably under pressure from your friends who are itching to see your new apartment, give yourself room to unpack, settle in and set your place up nicely with all the features in place first.

2. The next step is to figure how many people your Lagos apartment can comfortably take and a budget plan. If you live in a studio apartment or a one-bedroom apartment, chances are you don’t have a lot of space available,a small party would be perfect in this stance so limit your guest list to your closest friends and/or family. However, if you’ve got a lot of space available, you can make room to have more people over.

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House Warming Ideas for Your Lagos Apartrment


3. Keep your refreshments simple. Fingerfood, snacks. fries, fried chicken and a couple of homemade drinks like punch would do. You don’t have to go overboard especially when you are just having a few close friends and family come around. For a larger circle of people, you can make local dishes like yam porridge, moi-moi and drinks would do the trick. The main focus is to keep it simple. When planning on what refreshments you want to be made available, ensure you factor in the time at which your party is being held. If it is being held in the afternoon or evening, a collection of snacks would be nice while for late evenings, preparing dinner for your guests might be unavoidable.

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4. Conversation is key at most events or parties. give your guests the opportunity to mingle,chat and room to catch up. However, have an activity in mind just in case conversation starts to wear thin. If you have friends that enjoy board games, you can provide games like monopoly, ludo, scrabble, ayo or hook up a video console to your entertainment system for guests to enjoy. The whole point of a party is to have a good time, don’t force your guests to play a game if they are enjoying each other’s company. Having an activity in mind can just be a backup plan.

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House Warming Ideas for Your Lagos Apartment

5. In a studio apartment or an apartment low on space, you can provide alternative seating like classy stools, bean bags, throw pillows on the floor so as to provide an open space for your guests. Also, you want to keep lighting of your apartment flattering.

6. Music is a must! Do not leave it till the last minute. Ensure you put it on at least half an hour before guests arrive at your new apartment so as to get them in the party mood.

7. Don’t forget to stock up on supplies like cups, plates, cutlery,toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags for your house warming. You want to make sure the trash is in a convenient spot that is easily accessible to all.
8. Specify an ending time but be flexible in doing so (don’t be overly flexible though). Keep in mind that classy parties end at a reasonable hour.

Above all, endeavor to make it your own! You are the host. Design your apartment in a theme that is comfortable with you. I hope these tips help you in throwing a lovely housewarming party, I wish you the best as you settle in your new apartment.



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