Housing Fraud Stories are Traceable to Roadside Agents

Whether you’re seeking to become independent and want to rent an apartment of your own; or, you want to relocate from one apartment to another; what comes to your mind first? Roadside agents?

Well, not all roadside agents are unreliable. However, the many stories of housing frauds in Lagos can only be traced to such agents.

Sometimes in October 2015, a news headline stated that over 200 persons from different parts of Lagos assembled at the Lagos State House of Assembly to protest over being defrauded of a huge sum of money for 15 apartments by two men. This is just one out of many cases of housing fraud in Lagos and beyond.

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As commenced its #MyHouseHuntWahala competition, a good number of stories written on different blogs have been sent in as entries  sharing their ordeal with roadside agents. While the competition is still on, you too can share your stories or the story of a friend’s friend. It could even be the story of your father, mother, uncle, cousin, brother or sister’s house hunt ordeal with roadside agents or some random unverified so-called agent.

To participate, simply write on your blog or on a friend’s blog and follow the procedure here.


How To Participate

  1. Write a blog post on your blog or that of a friend using the topic, My House Hunt Wahala, while making reference to in your article.
  2. Tweet and share the article using the hashtag #MyHouseHuntWahala
  3. Keep your story within the range of 300 – 500 words
  4. Submit your entry by filling the competition form in the link here

Criteria for selection

  1. Simplicity, clarity, creativity, and accuracy of blog post
  2. Reference to
  3. Other factors like comments, tweets, shares, likes, etc.


The competition ends on August 31, 2016. Feel free to submit as many entries as you like – as your creativity directs.

What I think interests you more

There are prizes to be won

1st Prize: N50,000

2nd Prize: N30,000

3rd Prize: N20,000

***Note that winning articles will get featured on ToLet’s blog with adequate reference to the respective blogs.

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