How To Buy A 3 Bedroom Apartment In Lagos With Little Money

Getting an apartment in Lagos can be a daunting task. For some category of people, it is one thing they rather not face in the city. Lagos is considered one of the toughest places in the world to live in; it is, however, also one of the fast-growing cities in the world. Little wonder the city is referred to as the economic and commercial capital of Nigeria. It is where the country’s money is; more reason people want to live here. What this means is, people come into Lagos in their thousands on a daily basis in search for greener pastures. With dreams and hopes for a better future, because the city provides opportunities for all.

For most people, the next line of action is searching for an apartment for rent in Lagos. Even if you are living with someone or somewhere, there are chances you will be on the lookout for an apartment in a near future. There are also chances that you are in search of an apartment to buy because you want to start a family. Whatever the reasons are, the process of searching for a house either for rent or buy in any part of Lagos is often considered time-consuming and financially draining. This is why the process is often referred to as house hunting in Lagos. That is, in order to save time and money, you must be precise like a hunter. In this article, our search is narrowed down to how to buy a 3 bedroom apartment in Lagos. It is basically the same process with any other kind of apartment.

Below are some tips on how to buy a 3 bedroom apartment in Lagos with little money.


Have A Budget

It is important to have your budget sort out before you start your search. There is definitely a reason it is called a house hunting process because having a budget helps you narrow everything. You probably might see it this way: you are a hunter, in the wild, hoping to kill an elephant with a cutlass. It is definitely a futile process because you don’t have the required tools. The same applies to the budget when searching for an apartment to buy in Lagos. When you have a budget, the search becomes realistic and it helps guide against unplanned expenses. As earlier mentioned, the process can be time-consuming and financially draining; not having a budget is the perfect recipe for one big financial headache.

Decide On The Location

Everything about a property no matter what its purpose is usually down to the location. The importance of choosing a good location cannot be overstressed. A property is about location, location, and location. It is what determines the present and future value of the property. It is practically impossible to cover the whole of Lagos; streets by streets, bus stops by bus stops, in order to search for your ideal or dream house. It is therefore important that when thinking about that ideal apartment to buy, you should also think about the location. It helps you prioritize in your search and gives you a proper overview of what to expect in the area you choose. When you have your budget sort out, it automatically helps you narrow down the possible locations you can choose from. For instance, the budget plan for someone looking to buy an apartment in Lekki will certainly be different from the person looking to buy an apartment in Ikotun. This is where you cut your coat according to your material.

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Choosing a location to buy an apartment is not only determined by the budget alone. You would also want to consider the security of the area. Are the houses and neighbourhood secured? Are there good roads linking the area to and from other areas? Does the area have the required amenities? What is the proximity to the market or work? You would probably want to tick all the questions before picking a location or risk searching for an apartment sooner than later.

Search Online

The internet these days is like the go-to place for anything and everything. With the advancement in technologies, in an age of digital media, you can practically do anything and everything; from commerce to art to technology. The world is constantly evolving from a global village into a global street, with everything being a click away. With the newer technologies, so are the limitless possibilities. It is not surprising to see businesses who have incorporated this changes to make like seamless for their customers. is an example, an online real estate platform that connects buyers and sellers of real estate property. Unlike before where you need to go from streets to streets and houses to houses in search of a property, you can easily go to the website: and search for any property of your choice, all from the comfort of your home or office. It saves you the stress of moving around from houses to streets and also saves you time and money. Simply log on to the site, you will see the option to buy; type in your desired location, the type of apartment and the minimum or maximum amount you plan to spend. Voila! You are a step closer to find your perfect home.

Kindly share your experience in searching for an apartment in Lagos with fellow readers.

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