How to keep your house safe while away

If you are going away from home for two-day trip or weeks vacation, you’re going to want to be sure your home is secure from vandalism and break-ins while you are away. You can avoid having to report to the police when you return a break- in by following these home security tips below.


Technology has made security easier. You don’t have to be home to monitor your surroundings with the help of a camera you can see what is happening in your house from your phone. If you have the money, you can install a security camera


Leave the outside light on

Putting off the outside light will alert potential burglars or robbers to your absence.This goes a long way in discouraging burglars, who often look for easy opportunity. Don’t let your house appear as if no one is at home.



You never know if a power issue can occur while you are not around, so be prepared. Disconnect the computer, TV and other electronics.


Don’t post your absence on social media

Social media has made the world a global village.Hence, your absence might be broadcasted to the wrong people.Never broadcast your location on social media. Even if you think that it’s only your friends or colleagues viewing your online profiles, it’s safest not to leave any sort of opening for a possible burglar getting that information.


Keep valuables

Remove gadgets and valuables from windows. If you don’t already have your jewellery or other valuables in a safe deposit box, now might be the time to do so. Doing this ensures that you don’t leave out anything valuable in plain sight that a burglar might be able to see from a window.


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Remove spare keys from outdoors

People tend to leave spare keys at the security post, under the welcome mat, besides the plant or with a neighbour. Ensure you collect any hidden spare keys from around the exterior of your home. Remember, burglars are also aware of the most popular hiding places, like beneath mats and in potted plants.

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Shut the water valve

If you will be gone for a while, turn off the internal water valve. Too many homeowners have come home to find an old pipe broke and their home is flooded. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Trust a Friend

Give your holiday contact info and a spare key to at least one friend. That way, they’ll know how to contact you in case of emergency.


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