Ikeja: The Centre Of Excellence

Ikeja is no stranger to the hustle and bustle lifestyle of Lagos. As the capital of Lagos, one would not expect less. Daily, Ikeja opens its arms to thousands of people who either live here or have come for commercial or business purposes. Whatever your reasons are for being in Ikeja, you definitely cannot fall short of expectations. This part of the city portrays what life in Lagos truly means.

Ikeja is host to some of the most popular places in Lagos. It is located on the Lagos mainland, and also the seat of power in Lagos state. Famed for its ability to merge business and pleasure together, no wonder it is one of the most populated areas in Lagos.

Though Ikeja is a popular area of Lagos, how well do you know this place? There are a number of things you thought you knew or might have forgotten. Ikeja, even with lots of business activities, is also a centre for arts and culture.

In this article, we would discuss the overview of Ikeja, what it is like to live in Ikeja and likely things to do or expect.


Overview of Ikeja

Ikeja besides being the capital of Lagos state, it’s also the first point of contact for anyone coming into Nigeria. The Murtala Muhammed International Airport is located in Ikeja. It is also host to the Lagos State SecretariatAlausa Secretariat and the Lagos State House of Assembly.

A good number of multinational companies like Cadbury, Unilever Plc and Friesland have their offices in Ikeja. Therefore, it is not unusual for people to come into the area for this particular reason. It is also important to note that Ikeja is a great residential area as it is with business activities. Interestingly, there are also several points of attractions for both local and foreign tourists.

It is also said that Ikeja is an abbreviation for Ikorodu and Epe Joint Administration. An acronym coined by the colonial administrators; not forgetting Lagos was the capital of Nigeria until December 12, 1991.


Living in Ikeja

Ikeja is considered one of the top residential areas in Lagos mainland. This is, however, not surprising due to its status – popularity and accessibility. Its strategic location makes it a sort after place to live in Lagos. Hence, the houses in Ikeja are of high standards and can compete with structures within and outside the state.

Living in Ikeja is not much different from living in any other part of Lagos. Although, there are as many similarities as differences. That is, this part of Ikeja does not fall short of expectations or perception you might have heard of Lagos. In fact, as the capital of Lagos, it leads the pack in terms of typical Lagos lifestyle.

Ikeja is home to all calibre of people and class. Just like Lagos as a whole, you are definitely going to find people from different parts of the country. Ikeja is not actually at the centre in the Lagos map, however, its activities have earned it the status. For the perfect life in Lagos – a mix of business and pleasure, Ikeja is the centre of excellence.

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Popular Places In Ikeja

For a place like Ikeja, there are definitely places or landmarks that would always be associated with it. It is not unusual to get descriptions of these places as soon as you mention them. So, if you are visiting Ikeja for the first time or wish to visit, there are certain places to go or know.

Hence, we have compiled a list of those places in Ikeja for you. Below are some of the popular places in Ikeja.


Oregun is the first on our list of popular places in Ikeja. It is like most parts of Ikeja with lots of activities going on at the same time. Kudirat Abiola Way and Billings Way are two of the popular roads along this axis of Ikeja. There are quite a number of residential and commercial properties in Oregun. From anywhere in Ikeja, you can always get transportation to this place. The most popular means of in or around this place is with Keke Napep.

Allen Avenue

Allen Avenue

Allen Avenue is another major area or place in Ikeja, it also popularly called Allen. Unlike other places in Ikeja, Allen is more of a commercial area than it is a residential area. It is host to a considerable number of businesses – both small and medium scales, companies, and banks. Allen Avenue is about 1.36 kilometres in length and has a good road network which makes it easy to connect to areas like Opebi and Adeniyi Jones.

Allen is the definitely the go-to part of Ikeja for fun-seekers and nightcrawlers. It is definitely one of the places with the best nightlife in Lagos. During the late hours of the day, this place comes to life as it is host to a good number of bars, restaurants and clubs.

Toyin street

Toyin Street

Toyin street is arguably the most popular “street” in Ikeja and in Lagos as a whole. It is the part of Ikeja that connects the Ikeja underbridge and Opebi or Allen. Toyin street majorly a commercial area due to its array of businesses. Here, you will find both small and medium scale businesses ranging from boutiques to eateries and supermarkets.

This particular area has a good road network, though, some parts of it are often flooded when it rains. The major establishments on Toyin street include banks – Stanbic IBTC, Skye Bank (Polaris Bank), Access Bank, GTB e-bank, Heritage Bank and hotels – Ibis Hotel, White House hotel etc. is also located in the area.

Houses For Sale In Adeniyi Jones Ikeja

Adeniyi Jones

Adeniyi Jones is a mix of residential and commercial areas. While it has a considerable number of both, the commercial activities still outweigh the residential. This is largely due to the fact that most of the residential properties are off the road.

Adeniyi Jones is one area with good roads, streets lights, good drainages and traffic lights. This area is also host to companies or organisations like Vita Foam, British Schools, FIRS office, Jumia among others. Like most of the other areas, Adeniyi Jones is host to a considerable number of financial banks.


Maryland is at the centre of Lagos. It is another popular place in Ikeja. The military cantonment is located in Maryland. It is a popular landmark because of the presence of the Maryland Mall which is visible from all to see. The are has a good road network and considerably neat when compared to other parts of Lagos.

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This is one of the most secured areas in Lagos due to the presence of the Ikeja cantonment. Maryland is also host to a number of estates like Shonibare Estate, Mende, Maryland Estate, G.Cappa and others.

Ikeja GRA

Ikeja GRA

Ikeja GRA is definitely the haven of luxury on the Lagos mainland. It is the part of Ikeja reserved for the high earners. It is mostly residential with a few government offices and businesses. The entire area can be likened to what you get from places on the Lagos Island.

Even though it is a planned Government Residential Area, it is host to a lot of commercial activities. Places like Joel Ogunnaike and Isaac John are top commercial areas. While areas like Oduduwa Crescent, Herbert Macaulay Crescent, Fani-Kayode streets still maintain the GRA characteristics.

Also, it is important to note that the area is not a gated community. However, it is highly secured because of the government offices in the area. The Nigerian Army Cantonment, Police College, Ikeja High Court, Nigerian Immigration Service are some of the government offices here.

Awolowo Way

Awolowo Way is mainly a commercial area in Ikeja. It is likely the first place you see depending on where you are coming from. It is this particular road that leads to the famous Computer Village. Awolowo Way is the link between Ikeja Along and the Ikeja Underbridge before connecting other parts of Ikeja.

Most of the structures on both sides of Awolowo Way are commercial buildings. Also, there is the popular Awolowo Glass House on the road.



Opebi is a known area in Ikeja from anywhere you. Whether you are taking a public transport or driving by yourself, it is easy to locate. This part of Ikeja is mostly residential with businesses flanking the major roads. Opebi shares border with the following areas Allen, Ojota, Oregun and Ikeja GRA.

The roads like most parts of Ikeja are well tarred and always clean. It is also that part of Ikeja that doesn’t lack the basic amenities. It is host to popular schools like Chrisland School, Nigerian Turkish International School etc.



Alausa is no doubt the most popular area in Ikeja. It is host to the Government House, House of Assembly, Lands and Housing among others. Alausa is actually one of the high-end areas in Ikeja. Most of the residential apartments are homes to most civil servants. Alausa also has a number of estates with its vicinity, with Royal Estate as the major one. Due to its location, shares boundary with Oregun and Lagos-Ibadan expressway.


Thing To Do In Ikeja

Aside from being the capital, Ikeja is host to a good number of tourist attractions. It is also that part of Lagos with arguably the highest number of fun spots. No wonder Lagos is often regarded as the city that never sleeps. It is the hub for most fun seekers especially on Fridays and down to the weekend.

If you are here to experience Lagos and the Lagos nightlife, you are definitely in the right place. The lists below are some of the fun things you should consider doing if you are in Ikeja.

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Fela Shrine

Fela Shrine

Undoubtedly, the Fela Shrine is one of the popular landmarks in Ikeja. It is not surprising as Ikeja is the where the late Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti lived. The shrine was established in the 1970s by the legend himself. Every year, this place plays host the Felabration Music Festival. Today, the Fela Shrine or African shine as it is called does not only carry on his music legacies but also showcase some of his pictures.

Kalakuta Museum

kalakuta Museum

Fela Anikulapo Kuti to many is more than just a musician, he was a prophet. The residence of the late Afrobeat legend is today regarded as Kalakuta Museum. It is where the legend is buried. It is one of the many attractions for both local and foreign tourists.

Fela named this place the Kalakuta Republic after he was imprisoned for corruption of minors and possession of cannabis. He was in jail for eleven months, after which he renamed his residence as the Kalakuta Republic.

Ikeja City Mall

Ikeja City Mall

The Ikeja City Mall (ICM) is one of the fun places in Ikeja. If you intend shopping and having lots of fun at the same time, this is your best bet. It is host to a number of stores, a cinema and other interesting features. It is definitely one of the fun things you want to try out as it promises to be fun.

Some of the popular brands you will find in Ikeja City Mall include Vlisco, Shoprite, Silverbird Cinemas, Miniso Stores, Pointek Ikeja City Mall, Ocean Basket, Casabella among others.

Computer Village

Computer Village is arguably the largest market for anything electronic and gadgets in Nigeria and West Africa. It is home to all brands of electronics and gadgets you can think of. In fact, this part of Ikeja, today, is synonymous to the buying and selling of phones or laptop.

One of the major entrances to the Computer Village is on the Awolowo Way. It is also one of the busiest places to be, especially at peak hours. Due to a large number of people who are either going home or preparing to, there is always traffic congestion is this part of Ikeja.

The best time to go to Computer Village is in the morning or during the period in which most people are in their office. The crowd are always considered low during these times because most people are at work. You should visit this place if you are looking to get new gadgets.

Also, it is important that you patronize the authorized dealers and not dealers by the roadsides in order to avoid losing your hard earned money.


If you have followed the article to the end, you should know a thing or two about Ikeja already. Kindly share your opinion(s) and experience(s) of Ikeja with fellow readers.



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