Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort (location, pictures, accommodation and contact)

Ikogosi Warm Springs resorts is one of the best and amazing resorts in Nigeria. If you are looking to have amazing fun with nature, Ikogosi Warm Springs is the best place to be because of its lush display of nature. It is a popular tourist attraction in Nigeria and Africa as a whole because of its characteristics.

Accommodation at Ikogosi Warm Spring Resorts comprises of one Executive VIP chalet, three VIP villas, twelve western suites and seventy-five standard rooms. These rooms are very comfortable and with modern offerings. They have recent and modern facilities that will blow your mind during your stay. Anyone can be at this resort and feel comfortable in a unique and exquisite way. It is suitable for both personal and business purposes.

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Brief History of Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

According to Wikipedia, in 1952, Rev. John S. McGee, a Southern Baptist missionary from his mission base in the nearby Ekiti town of Igede, went to the source of the springs (hot and cold), about which he had heard from the people of Ikogosi.  He went there against the warnings of the residents who believed that doing so could invite evil spirits, especially that of death. On seeing the place, he discussed with people on how it could serve as a Youth camp.

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Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort location


Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort is located at the Central Tourist road in Ikogosi, Ekiti state. It is no wonder where the name of the resort is from. It is a 3-Star hotel that is surrounded a beautiful scenery if nature. It is a conglomeration of amazingness.

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Facilities at Ikogosi Warm Springs Resort

They include restaurants, a bar/Lounge, adequate security, wireless Internet, adequate parking space, conference facility, laundry service, a car rental service and even swimming pool.

Some Ikogosi Warm Spring Pictures



Ikogosi Warm Spring Resorts contact


Ikogosi-Ekiti, Ekiti State,

Tel: +2348165391305, +2348149331613

Email: [email protected]


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