Love, Suicide, and Homelessness (2)

It was December, and school was on vacation, Majeedat had gone to her house at Ibadan and Kola was in Lagos. They had a serious misunderstanding and Kola became worried. He stayed in Lagos for two weeks expecting Majeedat to come around so that they can settle the issue but she never did. ,

Waiting to no avail, Kola left their one-room apartment to meet with his family at Sagamu. Majeedat showed up in Lagos the next day.

Notwithstanding, she did something unheard of, she came in and with another man, who slept in their room. She left the house the next day, and Kola came back a day after she had left. He enquired from their neighbour what happened in his absence. The girl opened up to him and told him what Majeedat had done.

Homelessness, Love, and suicide (2)

He became so bothered and worried. He refused to eat for three days, on the third day, he sent a message to Majeeedat which reads thus:

I trusted you with all my heart, but you stabbed it. My soul finds no peace and my heart is troubled. I think heaven is the best place to be. There is no essence of living when you have lost your love. It’s better to commit suicide.

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She ignored the message. She knew he was crazily in love with her and that he would forgive her no matter the offense, little did she know that he was already a dead man.

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But they could not help him. He died few minutes after getting to the hospital. He apologised to his parents for his stupid decision, before he died. It happened before our eyes, there was an uproar on my street that day. Even Majeedat came around to claim that his decision was foolish. Another part of Maxamed Ibraahim Warsame ‘Hadraawi’s poem states this about love:

the bad news
it places in you
that you look on with fear
is the trials and your death

Today, Majeedat is married with two children, but Kola is dead and long forgotten. This a pathetic story that moves me to tears.

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