National Parks in Nigeria

Nigeria is a beautiful country and it is the home to various diverse species like lions, hyenas, antelopes, crocodile, chimpanzees, hippopotamus, leopards, birds and many more. Example of national parks in Nigeria is Cross River national park, Gashaka-Gumti national park,  Kamuku national park, Okomu national park, Old Oyo national park, Yankari Game Reserve and Kainji Lake national park. These various National parks in Nigeria allows one to appreciate nature in the form of different species in their natural habitat.

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Cross River national park

Cross River national park was established in 1991 at Cross River State, Nigeria. It is the largest rainforest in Nigeria and it serves as home to many endangered species. Within the national park, there is the Agbokim Falls which is a seven-channel stream.

Gashaka Gumti national park

Gashaka Gumti national park was established in 1991 at Taraba and Adamawa states, Nigeria.It is the largest national park in Nigeria. The park has grasslands and Chappal Waddii which is known as the mountain of death with an elevation of 7,936 feet. The  Chappal Waddii has the highest mountain peak in Nigeria.

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Kainji lake national park

Kainji lake national park was established in 1979 at Niger and Kwara states, Nigeria. It is the second largest park in Nigeria. Within the park, there are the Kainji lake, the Borgu and Zugurma game reserves. The park is home to a  variety of wildlife like baboons, hippopotamus, hyenas and many more.

Kamuku national park

Kamuku National Park was established in 1999 at Kaduna State, Nigeria. The vegetation at the park is Savannah.The park is home to birds, elephants, roan antelopes,hyenas and jackals. Within the park is the Parnono Shrine.


Okomu national park

Okomu national park was established in 1999 at Edo State, Nigeria.It is the second largest rainforest in Nigeria.  Within the park are tree houses for over 150 bird species and the Okomu river.

Old Oyo national park

Old Oyo national park was established in 1991 at Oyo and Kwara states, Nigeria. Within the park are the Ogun river, Agbaku cave, Oke Agbele rock formations and the largest collection of archaeological and cultural sites of the Old Oyo.


Yankari game reserve

Yankari was established 1962 at Bauchi state, Nigeria. Yankari has the largest population of elephants in West Africa. Within the park, there is the Wikki camp, four thermal spring and many species of birds and other endangered animals.