Osun State: A Complete Guide

Overview of Osun State

Osun state is one of the six southwest states in Nigeria, with its capital at Osogbo. The other states in the southwestern geopolitical zones are Ekiti, Lagos, Oyo, Ogun and Ondo states. That said, Osun State is surrounded by a couple of states. Kwara State is by its north, Ekiti and Ondo to the east, Ogun State to the south and Oyo state to its west.

Osun state is definitely one of the most important states in the southwest and Nigeria as a whole. Though it might not be able to compete with Lagos in terms of economy, it is still where the Yoruba race is linked to. According to history, it is believed that all Yorubas are from Ile-Ife in Osun state. hence, its importance is evergreen.

Aside from the state’s rich history and cultural heritage, it is host to some of the popular landmarks in Nigeria, like the Obafemi Awolowo University. It is also host to one of the country top tourist attraction. Though Osogbo, as the capital, is considerably more developed in the state, there are other important places and towns in Osun State like Ila-Orangun, Ijebu-Jesa, Ilesa, Igbajo, Ibokun, Ode-Omu, Modakeke, Ikire, Ikirun etc.

In the course of the article, we would be discussing the history of Osun State, Osun State Local Government Areas, Towns in Osun State among other things. Whether you have been to this part of Nigeria or not, you will definitely pick a thing or two about Osun.


History Of Osun State


There is no doubt that Osun State is one of the popular states in the country. But how well do you know the state? It’s okay if you do not know much about Osun State’s history before now, we have got you covered.

Osun State was created by General Ibrahim Babaginda in August 1991. The present-day Osun used to be part of the Old Oyo State. Osun state, as at independence and after, was among the Western Region. Also, the Western Region was one of the only three regions at that time. However, this was until 1963.

In 1963, there was an increase in the number of regions in Nigeria. During this period, the regions had become four with the addition of the Mid-Western Region. The region was carved out of the Western Region. Despite the changes in the number of regions, Osun State was still part of the Western Region.

In 1966, after General Aguiyi Ironsi was enthroned by the coup of the same year, there was a change to the regions. This saw to the change from regions to provinces. That is, the four former regions became provinces. Osun State remained under the Western Province. However, the change didn’t last for long.

The counter-coup of 1967 which enthroned General Yakubu Gowon dissolved the newly instituted provincial system. It was under the regime that the four provinces were replaced with twelve states. That is, the General Yakubu Gowon regime created the first set of states in Nigeria. The present-day Osun location was under the Western State, which was one of the twelve states created.

General Murtala Mohammed, in 1976, started another state creation process. It was during this period that the Western State was split into three states. The states were Oyo State, Ondo State and Ogun state. It was during this period that Osun State became part of the Old Oyo State. It remained so until 1991 when the Ibrahim Babangida regime created Osun state from the eastern part of Oyo State.

Leo Segun Ajiborisha became the first military governor of Osun State. While the first civilian governor in Osun state was Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke.


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Osun State Local Government Areas

Osun State Local Government Areas

There are a total of thirty (30) local government areas (LGA) in Osun State. Hence, Osun State is regarded as one of the states with the highest number of LGAs in the country. Interestingly, the thirty (30) local government areas can further be divided into zones or senatorial districts. There are three (3) zones or senatorial districts in the state: Osun Central, Osun East and Osun West.

The list below are the thirty (30) local government areas in Osun State:

  • Boripe
  • Boluwaduro
  • Ifelodun
  • Odo-Otin
  • Olorunda
  • Osogbo
  • Ila
  • Ifedayo
  • Irepodun
  • Orolu
  • Atakumosa East
  • Atakumosa West
  • Ife Central
  • Ife East
  • Ife North
  • Ife South
  • Ilesa East
  • Ilesa West
  • Obokun
  • Oriade
  • Iwo
  • Irewole
  • Aiyedade
  • Aiyedire
  • Ede North
  • Ede South
  • Egbedore
  • Ejigbo
  • Isokan
  • Ola-Oluwa

As mentioned earlier, the thirty (30) local government areas can further be divided into the three different zones:

Osun Central: Boripe, Boluwaduro, Ifelodun, Odo-Otin, Olorunda, Osogbo, Ila, Ifedayo, Irepodun, Orolu

Osun East: Atakumosa East, Atakumosa West, Ife Central, Ife East, Ife North, Ife South, Ilesa East, Ilesa West, Obokun, Oriade

Osun West: Iwo, Irewole, Aiyedade, Aiyedire, Ede North, Ede South, Egbedore, Ejigbo, Isokan, Ola-Oluwa

Towns in Osun State

Towns in Osun State

Osun State is no doubt one of the states in the southwest with a vast number of lands. You could travel for hours within the state from one place to the other. It is not surprising that it is home to a number of cities and towns. In order to ease the stress of travel especially if you are visiting for the first time, we compiled a list for you.

Here is the list of towns in Osun State: Ife, Osogbo, Iwo, Ilesa, Ede, Ejigbo, Ikirun, Ila, Olorunda, Orolu, Oriade, Ikire, Ilobu, Obokun, Irepodun, Egbedore, Ifedayo, Atakunmosa West, Aiyedaade, Okuku, Iragbiji, Ede South, Odo Otin, Ede North, Ifelodun, Ife North, Isokan, Ipetumodu, Boluwaduro, Ola Oluwa, Gbongan, Aiyedire, Ifon, Atakunmosa East, Esa-Oke, Oke Ila, Irewole, Ife South, Ilesa East, Ife Central, Ijebu-Jesa, Ilesa West, Ife East, Inisa, Otan Ayegbaju, Apomu, Iragberi, Odeomu, Imesi Ile, Ayegunle and Eti-Oni.


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Fun Places In Osun State

Erin Ijesha Waterfall

Olumirin Waterfall (Erin Ijesha Waterfall)

The Olumirin waterfall, popularly known as Erin Ijesha waterfall, is arguably the most visited waterfall in Nigeria. It is no doubt one of the most visited places in Osun State. The waterfall is located in Erin Ijesha, which is under the Oriade local government area. The Erin Ijesha waterfall is a famous tourist attraction site in Nigeria and it is made of seven steps or levels.

It is said to have been discovered in the 1140AD. This part of the state is a must visit if you find yourself in Osun State. It’s the perfect place for fun seekers. You can shoot your videos here, take amazing pictures of the water or climb up to the last level to experience the beautiful landscape. You can also read more about Olumirin waterfall.

Osun Osogbo Grove, Oshogbo

The truth is, without a visit to the Osun Osogbo Groove you actually haven’t started. The Osun Osogbo Groove is definitely a must visit if you like to learn and have fun at the same time. It is no doubt one of the popular tourist attractions in Osun state.

There are quite a number of artworks and sculptures in honour of Osun. The Osun is known as the goddess of fertility. Most people in the state still worship the goddess of Osun till date. A visit to this place will give you an insight into how the earliest settlers lived in Osun.

Oranmiyan Staff, Ile-Ife

The Oranmiyan Staff in Ile-Ife is not just another fun place or tourist attraction site. It is one with so much significance due to its role during the coronation of the Ooni of Ife. Hence, it is one of the most visited places in the state.

You can actually visit the site during any time of the year as it is host to both for local and foreign tourists. The Oranmiyan Staff is 5.27 meter high and a perfect site for amazing pictures. You definitely want to come with your best camera to capture the moments.

Moremi Statue, Ile-Ife

The name Moremi is no doubt one of the famous names you will come across in the Yoruba culture. Moremi Ajasoro was not only famous for her beauty but also for her heroic deeds in the liberation of the Yorubas. It is not uncommon to hear people sing her praises.

There is also a statue in her honour at Ile-Ife. It is located at Moore in Ife East Local Government Area of Osun State.  The Moremi Statue is about 42 feet tall and it’s definitely a wonderful sight to behold. The Moremi Statue is in this part of Osun State is not the only one, but it is the biggest of them all.

As we promised earlier in the article, we have discussed the history of Osun state, towns in Osun State, fun places in Osun State among other things. So, by now, you definitely know a thing or two that you didn’t know before. Kindly share your experiences in Osun State with fellow readers.


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