Quantity Surveyors Back FG on Loan For Infrastructure Projects

The building and construction industry has been one of the industries that have suffered the hardest hit by the ongoing recession in the country. With the Federal Government aware of this, it is making moves to secure loans for infrastructure projects that would possibly help revive the construction industry.


The President of the Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Mrs. Mercy Iyortyer, spoke at a job fair organized by the institute in Abuja, urging the government to engage professionals as part of the prudent management of the projects.

The NIQS President asserted that “Quantity surveyors are trained as cost and procurement manager, they ensure there is value for money for projects, provide prudent costing in order to maximize profits,”

According to Iyortyer, “once the construction industry is up and running, it will have a multiplier effect and there will be employment in the education sector, manufacturing, consultancy among others.

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“The economic recession is seriously affecting us and the government is also concerned about this. That is why the government is going to borrow money for infrastructure projects because they know the impact it will have on the generality of Nigerians.

She explained that “At a time like this, we need an efficient management of the resources in the country, the government must engage all the professionals that are part of the prudent management of resources to oversee projects efficiently. Quantity surveyors are project and resources managers, we also have other professionals as part of a team that can be able to properly manage the resources of this country, if given the chance.”

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On the high dominance of foreigners in the industry, she said: “The dominance of expatriates in the industry is due to the non-passage of the local content bill. Once the bill is passed, it will become mandatory for firms to have a specified percentage of indigenous surveyors in their workforce and this will address the anomalies.

“In the engineering construction industry, most of them are foreigners but in the building industry, we have a lot of indigenous firms that have excelled.”

She noted that the construction industry is a versatile and employment-generating industry adding that the issue of unemployment should be tackled by both government and the private sector.

Iyortyer observed that the job fair provides a platform for job seekers to meet and interact with prospective employers with the aim of being gainfully employed and also make it possible for employers to engage the best brains that are keen to add value to their organizations.



Source: The Guardian


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