Real Estate Training in Nigeria

There are real estate institutions dedicated to training those who are building a career in real estate or aspiring to do so. It is for Estate Agent, Manager, Lawyer Property Developer, Investor, and Entrepreneur. And if you are already practising, the training will be of great help in how you make decisions related to your work.

Before now, the real estate sector was not this structure. Those who had an interest in it only had the option of applying to study Estate Management or Quantity Surveying in tertiary institutions. The good part of getting trained in real estate is that you do not need to have any related qualification or a lot of experience in any of the real estate professions before you can attend the real estate training.


The Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV) is primarily targeted at offering professional training that qualifies students to practice as surveyors and valuers. However, since the real estate consultancy business is in dire need of reform, the Nigeria institute of estate surveyors and valuers has provided a better structure.

These are other related steps one can also take to become a professional in real estate business:

  • Apply for and become a student of one of the tertiary institutions in Nigeria offering real estate management courses
  • Register for property training courses provided by any of the recognised property institutes available in Nigeria
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Register as a member of the association of registered real estate agents institute sponsored by the Nigeria institute of estate surveyors and valuers of Nigeria.

These are some of the details on their website:

About the School 

The project is the brain child of Realtors Institute & Realty Point Limited. Here are testimonials from some of the previous students:

“Before I signed up for the School of Real Estate training, I had no previous understanding about Real Estate business, but now, I’ve learned a great deal of very helpful information and techniques that have enabled me to market eight landed properties to my friends.” – Ezekiel Igboji

“It has widened my scope of knowledge of the industry and has prepared me for the unavoidable challenges ahead in my envisioned private practice.” – Oke – Tojinu, Paul Semako (Rev.)

The School Of Estate Facilitators Include:

Akin Olawore is the Principal Partner of Akin Olawore & Co, a registered firm of Estate Surveying and Valuation. He is a development consultant and project manager. He is an alumnus of the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile – Ife and College of Estate Management University of Reading, UK. His work experience spans about 25 years and straddles the various areas of practice. He is a recipient of many local and international awards including government recognition for his works and activities in the real estate sector of the Nigerian economy.


A Fellow and member of Council of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, past chairman of the Lagos State branch of the Institution. Akin Olawore is also the director of the International Valuation Standards Committee; the Chairman, Hy – Deals and Successories Limited – a private real estate financial investment company and a director in Trussfield Property Auctions Limited both in Lagos. He is the Co-ordinator/Chairman, West African Chapter, African Real Estate Society and the current (2008) Vice President of African Real Estate Society. Mr Olawore is a distinguished and highly sought after conference speaker both nationally and internationally with over 30 papers and publications to his credit.


He is also a member of Council of the Nigerian – British Chamber of Commerce. One of the highpoints of his career is the conception, development and management of Ark Towers, an ultra-modern multi-storey office complex in Victoria Island, Lagos.


Property Marketing Dynamics

Facility Management Training

The Real Estate Business Course

Building and Construction Training for Developers


Each classroom is fitted with good ventilation apparatus and equipment. It is well furnished with standard classroom chairs, magic boards/flip boards.


They continually update and maintain their library as a means to a complete total learning package of the school.

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The EC programme is run in batches and structured into six (6) weekends:

(Saturdays & Sundays)

The batches run thus:

Batch A – February – March

Batch B – May – June

Batch c – August – September

Batch D – October – November

The PQE3 is run as a tutorial class from Mid May to the first week of the month of August.

It is designed to prepare students intensively for their final NIESV examination.

With this new development, more people in Nigeria have the privilege of becoming adequately trained as real estate professionals in Nigeria. School of Real Estate provides specialized business training in real estate. Real Estate Schools in Nigeria.

You can legally practice as a certified real estate consultant or professional as you graduate from the real estate institute powered by NIESV.



  1. This is awesome…please I would like to enroll for this program, I am base in Kaduna . I Will want to know how much the cost of registration is.

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