Reasons to Visit Benin City

Benin city is the capital of Edo state, located in the southern part of Nigeria, it is an Urban district in Edo state. Popular for its cultural display of beads, food, art and music, Benin is an exclusive place to visit. The presence of the Benin Airport has eased the route through which the city can be visited. This charming city is ruled by a traditional ruler known as the ‘Oba of Benin’ who happens to be one of the outstanding traditional rulers in Nigeria. 


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There are enough reasons to visit Benin City because of the phenomenal awe this city possesses. These are places to visit in Benin City:


Dynamic Royalty

Reasons to visit Benin city
The Oba of Benin is regarded as a demi-god in which the Oba is referred to as Omo N’Oba. This Oba is one of the prominent traditional rulers in Nigeria. The Benin palace is popular for hosting a collection of fascinating arts, sculptural pieces of past Obas in bronze and Ivory carvings which have made it famed as one the greatest museum in history. It is one of the most visited places by tourist to behold the rich history of the ancient city of Benin.

Visiting the palace, some actions such as pointing, whistling, wearing black apparel, males visiting the royal harem (wives and concubine of the Oba), coming along with pets such as dogs among a few others are prohibited. The palace of the Oba of Benin is an interesting place to tour provided you abide by the rules and regulations.

The Glamorous Arts and Culture

Reasons to visit Benin City
Benin City offers quite a number of colourful and crowd pulling festival which includes; Igue and Ewere Festivals, Eho Festival, Ebomisi Festival, Ikhure festival, Ugivie festival and Ugiogun festival among many others. These festivals involve a display of rich cultural diversity of the city of Benin you would not want to miss for anything in the world.

The Appealing Lifestyle

The people of Benin are known to be bead lovers. The choral bead is the Benin Kingdom’s trademark and the use of these beads is popular in Benin City than any other place in Nigeria, they are mostly used to speak luxury statements. The ancient City of Benin is also a home to art and craft as this was one of the indigenous occupation by the Benin people who use media such as Bronze, Ivory, Terracotta, Ebony wood and brass to make images.

Their traditional attire is clearly visible in the male mode of dressing where they wear a long flowing gown or a buba kind of top with a wrapper tied around their waist. There are approximately 55 languages spoken by the people of Benin.

Beautiful Tourist attraction

Benin city hosts a number of beautiful and historical places that draw many to this ancient city. The Benin National Museum contain relics and antiquities from the Benin Kingdom and other parts of Nigeria. This museum has three galleries making it one of the largest museum in Nigeria. The Okomu National Park which is a rich a forest that serves as the last habitat for species who are liable to face extinction soon.

Other alluring sights in Benin City includes; The Benin Moat, Igun Street, Ughoton Village, Gele Gele Sea Port, Egedege N’Okaro(the first storey building in the Benin Kingdom), Kada Plaza and Oba Akenzua Cultural Center among a few others.


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Benin Cuisines

The people of Benin are seafood lovers and most of their delicacies are rich in seafood. some of their tastiest meal are those made of shellfish, smoked fish, vegetables and a hot sauce called ‘pilipili‘. A prominent delicacy is the ‘pepper rice’ which is being sold in restaurants and bukateria in the ancient city of Benin if you would like to try some.

Their typical meal consists staple foods such as yam, cassava, garri, corn, rice and beans. some of their mouth watering cuisines include;  Owo soup, Peanut sauce, Ago Glain, Akkra, Calalu, Dahomey Fish Stew, and white paste among others.

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