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Shopping in Lagos: Where to go

Shopping in Lagos is one of the many things that make people regard Lagos as the city that never sleeps. The dreamland of many Nigerians and the land of opportunity. Lagos is an ever-bubbling city with so much to do and see. Whoever gets bored in Lagos? That would be hard to find. With the city comes a lot of hustling and bustling day and night.

From the noise from cars, trucks, buses and bikes moving constantly to touts and bus conductors who are never at peace. Marketmen and women hailing for customers, busy streets crackling with energy, people shopping in Lagos both all day long and of course, the legendary Lagos Traffic.

Living in Lagos can be all shades of fun, exciting and certainly challenging. Not everyone is cut out for living in a city like this especially those who love their peace and quiet. Lagos is a city for hustlers and the fast life in Lagos cannot be compared with any other city in Nigeria. Everyone is always on the move and in a hurry. Regardless, it is a city loved by most and remains the commercial capital of Nigeria.

Nigeria’s import retail sector brings in almost all its goods through the Lagos seaport in Apapa. Apapa port also happens to be a general purpose port and the only functional seaport in Nigeria. This is one of the reasons why lots of people travel from various parts of the nation to engage in shopping in Lagos.

Maybe this is your first time in Lagos or happen to be less of a shopper and want to find out about a great place to go shopping in Lagos. This article is right for you. There are lots of interesting places to go shopping in the city. From clothing stores in Lagos to popular open markets in Lagos. There is so much to see and do for those who like to shop. That being said, here are 6 top places to shop in Lagos

Balogun Market

shopping in Lagos

In any and every society, a market is an essential social facility which makes the neighbourhood conducive for human habitation. Balogun market is one of the most popular markets in Lagos Nigeria. On a daily basis, the market experiences an influx of people from different parts of the country who all come shopping in Lagos.

Typically, if you have ever been to Lagos, you certainly know that Balogun market is top on the list of shopping destinations in Lagos. Balogun market is a major ‘asoebi market’ in Lagos. Although there are other sections of this ever busy market. Most people importing and reselling goods get to the market as early as 5:00 am.

Getting around Balogun market can be quite stressful. It is the largest street market in West Africa and experiences a steady influx of thousands of traders and buyers alike. There are lots of banks found in and around the market to make financial transactions easier. If you are thinking of a market that offers variety then Balogun market is a good choice. It is advisable to visit the market during the early hours of the morning before it gets too crowded. Items are sold at the cheapest prices in this market.

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Computer Village

shopping in Lagos, computer village

Computer Village is situated along Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos. As the name implies, it is the home of all forms of phones, computers and computer equipment in Lagos. There are lots of shops in computer village. However, you also find a lot of people selling at the side of the road as well as young boys hailing for customers who want to repair their phones or laptops.

Shopping in Lagos can get really interesting in places like this. It is important to bear in mind that this is also one of the places to get scammed easily. The issues of pickpockets and general theft have become a lifestyle. This is why when going to this computer village, you should get ready to hold your bags, purses and wallets close. Also, phone and laptop repairers could easily exchange one part of a gadget for another, be on the lookout.

Katangua market

shopping in Lagos, katangua

Katangua market is popularly known as ‘market for all’ or ‘supermarket’. It is one of the markets in Lagos where you can get to buy cheap things, mostly fairly used clothes. Clothes sold in Katangua or (Katangowa as so people call it) are known as Okirika. The Katangua Market has market days when most traders “open bale” and sell newly purchased items of clothing. Other days are for “clearance sales”. This is mostly when you can clothes that weren’t sold during the market days. 

Most people like to go to the market early enough to meet new bales from a different seller in order to select the best. However, no matter the time of the day you get to the market simply walk around and ensure to compare prices.

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Mile 12

shopping in Lagos, mile 12 market

Over time, the Mile 12 market has gained a good reputation for providing perishable and affordable food items to people in Lagos. The market has been for over 30 years and has served people within and outside the city. The Mile 12 market is located in Ketu Local Government area. 

You can get all kinds of food items ranging from food to fruits. Such as tomatoes, pepper, onions, yam, yam flour, vegetable and palm oils and other numerous edible food items.  You save a lot from buying in bulk from this market and you also find hawkers outside the market.

Palms Mall

shopping in Lagos, palms mall, shoprite

Palms mall is a popular shopping mall with outlets in different areas in Lagos. It is the largest retail mall in Lagos. The mall offers a high-end and opulent form of shopping in Lagos. It is a closed market with fixed prices. The palm houses various vendors from restaurants, ice cream shops, jewellery shops, clothing stores, drug stores, bookshops and much more.

There you go! Top 5 destinations for shopping in Lagos. Although Lagos is a big city, it will be easier to get around with quality information.  This will help you enjoy your stay and experience in general. Have you ever been to any of these markets? Kindly share your thoughts with other readers.


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