Steps To Maximising Public Holidays.

There are a bunch of public holidays lined up in the coming months and it’s only right to want to spend it doing what you love and enjoy. More often than not, you have probably found yourself eagerly anticipating these holidays, only to realise they went by too fast and you didn’t make the most of it. If you want to enjoy holidays more, let this be a guide on steps to maximising public holidays.

Man Resting
Man Resting

Have a plan

You should plan for public holiday periods the same way you plan your workdays. Have a set-out plan of the activities you want to do and the places you want to go to. Although this doesn’t necessarily mean you will do exactly as you have planned, it is still important that you start the holiday knowing what you want to get out of it. Remember, without plans, the holidays will pass by and you’ll end up not doing anything.

Do something different

The public holiday should always be your clue to step out of your usual routine and try new things, go for adventures, and cross out an item off your bucket list. Also set aside time to relax and connect with yourself like reading a book by your favourite author, walking on a beach, going on a spa date or doing yoga. Make sure to put away anything that will get you worked up unnecessarily. 

Explore fun places in your city

You can set a radius of how far you’re willing to go and then find fun new places to visit, check out fun places in Lagos Island for a start. While choosing the places you would love to go to, remember to consider your safety, how accessible the places are and a couple of reviews of the place just so your day goes right. If you’ve got these right, then it’s time to let your hair down, give room to your inner child and go have some fun. 

Let go of your phone and computers for this period

Decide to not worry about the next text coming in and instead focus on the moment. One thing a lot of us forget to do is savour the moments we have. Allow yourself to focus on the moment at hand, rather than worrying if that text came in or if they texted back.

Disconnect from the Internet

Outsource chores if you can 

Except doing chores is your hobby or you don’t have the resources to outsource these chores, you should pay someone else to do it for you. Not only does it allow you experience the soft life it also gives you enough time to rest, relax and go out to have fun.


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