The tech world has brought life-changing opportunities to many and we keep seeing an inflow of talent into the pod. A success that can be attached to the growing revenue of tech workers and companies. While that exists, we have many more skills that are non-technical but highly profitable. Here are some of the best non-tech skills you could learn and leverage;


Popular brands like LouisLois Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci, Zara etc are all footwear and bag brands. Nigerian society could use these skills to make a name. Not only a name but profitable income. You can learn from a vocational school, and also do research online for more knowledge.


Fashion Designing

We see so many fashion designers in town, but only a few are worthy of the name. Most are Local tailors. This is because many do not value Knowledge, insight, creativity and perfection. You need to understand the need of your customer and do beyond their expectations to be able to stand out.


This sounds like an ancient skill, yet it’s definitely bringing in the cash. Every house, office, hall, etc definitely has a work of a carpenter, from the chairs, shelves, stool, board, etc. Creativity is what makes a carpenter stands out from the rest, be innovative, be creative, be knowledgeable.


This is a skill that many people have abandoned because it’s not bringing food to the table. But guess what, writing is a major money-earning skill now! A seasoned copywriter, creative writer, and content writer can earn not less than 50 thousand Naira a month. Now this skill is even better because you don’t necessarily have to go to school to learn it. Your teacher is on your phone. There are sites, platforms, and videos that already have the knowledge it takes to shape you into an excellent writer, you just need to take advantage of it. 


Growing up, we probably saw so many artists starving and we decided to talk down dreams that could have thrived because we feared they would not yield any fruit. Well, the world is changing fast, and it is high time we rode the tides. There are various works of art, painting, sketching, graffiti, sculpting etc. This is a skill with a wide range of segments. Be bold to pick yourself up, and venture into the world of art. 

It is important to note that these skills have been neglected by so many people, and so the only way to get the attention of the world is to present something excellent, exceptional, something different. The change can start with you.


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