The Day Peju Slapped a Yaba Boy

The voices of marketers shouting: ‘Aunty I get jeans o, my colour, you wan sell gold, I get your size o’ sounded very annoying to Peju as she walked through Yaba market.

She was coming from her house at Okota and her aim was to get a bus that would take her to school. She wished she could be deaf to their voices for just five minutes. She had left her house angrily because of the money palava she had with her father.

‘As you may know, Yaba boys can be annoying; they can be extremists. In fact, they are extremists! Abi shey na by force to buy okrika clothes? I tire o’. She exclaimed as she gave us the gist.

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She told us that, that was the day she made the greatest mistake of her life. As one of the marketers pulled her to take her to his acclaimed shop, his hand mistakenly hit her butt. Immediately, Peju gave him a dirty slap. Kasala happened that day as the guy called the other marketers. As soon as she realised the implication of what she just did, Peju started running like a thief.

A mob of angry Yaba boys was after her, so, she struggled to carry her heavy bag as she ran. She ran as if her life was on the line. Luckily for her, she found a bus quickly. By this time, her adrenaline level must have been so high. As the mob of boys caught up with the bus she boarded, they insisted on dragging her out of the bus. The elderly passengers on the bus had to beg on her behalf. The boys were angry that they were unable to deal with her. For Peju, that is the day she can never forget.

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