Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija and Nigerian Weddings have been giving me a heart attack recently; all I need is for her to be mine forever. To spend every day, month, year and eternity with her, through all hurdles! For me to achieve this I hear I have to become Van Vicker and Ramsey Noah put together. I know the ring is very important, going down on one knee (I would go down on both)…. I would stop rambling and just go straight to my question. Can’t I just use my Mini-flat? Leave out all the Jade’s palace, Radisson blues and you know what. I met with an old friend of mine last week and she gave me a load down of how I could have a dinner party in my Mini-flat and equally propose. For me to throw a dinner party in My Mini-flat, I must be ready to make changes, and be creative.  Come with me…. THE RING AND THE MINIFLAT.


This exciting task starts with creating space, how do you achieve this? By rearranging your furniture. On this spectacular evening, you won’t need your cushions… you are about to have a romantic dinner, not sit around. Make your room your storage for the evening, items such as throw pillows, side stools should be transferred into the room. Also, your dining table should be transferred into the sitting room if you have one, make it the focus of your sitting room. All these should make your sitting room spacious enough to invite guests over. Just like the fancy Proposals, you get to invite few of your mutual friends over!

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What is an event or a small dinner without lighting, dull yeah? Mood lighting would greatly affect the ambience and décor of your event; it would also help hide stains and dust. So for this night the stains in your mini-flat become invisible (if you have any).  There are various options at your disposal to help brighten this special evening; you have candles, tea light and string lights to choose from. So what is it going to be? Guess what? You can use it all. The candles and tea lights can be placed on the table, which by now is covered with a beautiful table cloth.  String light could go over the dinner table, or round the sitting room. Shelves and curtains can serve as hangers for the string light. Yours is a romantic dinner, so pleaseeee dim the light and put on some blues.



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Now why is this important? All these fancy restaurants use them, so why should your small dinner party be devoid of them. More so, it adds a feel to the event and if you have a hidden agenda like me, you should totally use it.


Most proposals have effect and a story attached to it, mine involved 2 friends and a glass of ice cream. For my proposal, my girlfriend was involved all the way; she helped with the menu, in fact all the process. WHY?? Well, she thought we were throwing a PROPOSAL dinner party for our mutual friends Shade and Ayo. My girlfriend is smart, romantic and most importantly she happens to have a lot in common with Shade, so this was quite easy. At first, she didn’t agree to the sitting room idea, but I insisted and also told her Ayo wanted that. To be sincere I panicked, when she suggested a fancy restaurant on the Island. She however, fell in love with the idea along the line…. ‘’Not bad, a cozy dinner for four, and a shiny ring”. She was really helpful; I would have sucked at this, the female touch to it almost made me cry. The major thing I helped with was the menu…hidden agenda. I know how this sounds, why should a lady plan her own proposal? Make she kukuma do part of the work (just kidding). The truth is: I wanted the proposal to be her and for her, if you know what I mean. I exempted the tedious kitchen aspect, Shade was responsible for that, and she had to make sure it tallied with the menu. The Ring had been with Ayo for about 2 weeks now, so he brought it along with items on the menu and the menu itself.

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The special night came; we were all looking radiant and happy, why shouldn’t we? We were all about to make two become one. My girlfriend was blushing all the time, her clueless girlfriend was about to get engaged and she helped make it a reality.  The menu was decorated by Ayo, and the content from a heart in love (Moi).   Each of us opened the menu in front of us, it simply listed what we were about to have including desert-ice-cream and cake. My girlfriend gave me the eye which read; you no try at all o. I smiled back and said short time frame. It was time for desert, ice-creammmmmm, do you know that ice-cream was derived from earlier iced cream and that it is made out of dairy products such as milk and cream. (Am I pissing any one off with this?).  The ladies helped clear the table, we had a chat for a while, and my girlfriend suggested that the guys get the ice-cream. (In her mind, she was the writer of this movie).  We now had a glass cup of ice-cream in front of us; as usual my girlfriend was smiling at me, and once in a while she would steal a glance at her friend.  “You guys can’t do anything right!” It was obvious; she had just hit the rock… I was now in front of her, on one knee as I had promised (by now she was crying) and I handed her the original menu which read;

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I had no idea what love was

It has so many meanings, I found myself

Lost in its search

But then I found you and I knew I had to stop searching

 It’s not about the ring going round your finger

But YOU being in and around my life



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    1. The first time i saw this story… was really too busy to focus on it bt read thru in a hurry so it didnt fly with me. I just took my time to read again and actually am grinning from ear to ear with tears in my eyes and so much joy for Bimpe Adams… CONGRATULATIONS…………

  1. Teary-eyed… beautiful piece nicely delivered. I was playin it in my mind as I read through the story. Congrats to Bimpe. So when did Ayo propose? Please send us the “disc b” of this story… Lol.

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