The Wings Building and The Future of Real Estate in Lagos

The recently completed Wings building is a sight to behold.  Design meets sophistication meets technology meets functionality meets location. It’s the quintessential office space. Luxury real estate in Nigeria is becoming more commonplace and with each latest construction, developers are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to innovation, user experience and ingenuity. The corporate offices of some of the largest companies in Lagos are already a mouth-watering experience; with such perks as a local bank branch and high speed ergonomically designed elevators ushering you into marbled lobbies. The glass walls also provide incredible panoramic views of the beautiful city of Lagos. Yet, the Wings building manages to heighten that experience even more.

“The core design, shape and orientation of the towers, is configured to provide grade “A” commercial space with multi-tenant flexibility. The building features high-quality finishes which have been completed and finished on site to a high standard. The small office plates of 1000m² feature 360-degree views to virtually all workstations in any particular tenant layout. The façade gives an alluring feature view of the city offering comfort plus the quality of work comparable to international standards. This façade system allows for energy efficiency and adaptability to climatic heat conditions,” said Lyall Dukes, Associate Executive at Stauch Vorster – lead architects of the Wings building.

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Located in the North-eastern corner of Victoria Island, on Ozumba Mbadiwe, the proximity to major commercial centres in the city is enviable.  Eko Bridge, Awolowo Road, Osborne Road and the Third Mainland Bridge are all accessible from the building via Ring Road, such that connecting the Mainland and various parts of the Island is easy and straightforward. Any worries about the stress-inducing and nerve-wracking Lagos traffic are immediately laid to rest with waterway access courtesy of its private jetty in the Five Cowrie Creek. Plus there’s the added benefit of beautiful lagoon views and cool sea breeze as you make your way to the office.

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With a combined 27,000m2 of lettable office space constructed across 12 floors each, the Wings Office Complex is one of the largest Grade-A offices in Nigeria today.  This size offering, coupled with its 1000m2 typical floor plate means that the Wings is able to spaciously accommodate a range of office space requirements ranging from as little as a 250m2 office to thousands of square metres over several floors, housing the entire operations of a large organization. The international standard restaurant overlooking Five Cowrie Creek with secured access to landscaped deck creates a soothing surrounding. The function deck is positioned in between the two Towers and can be accessed directly from the first floor, providing elevated views of the Lagoon and the City.

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A 700-bay car parking facility means that corporate personnel can enjoy the convenience of dedicated onsite parking space, which includes: disabled parking bays, drivers’ lounges and restrooms, car wash bays and a bank of two lifts for convenient access to and from the public lobby. The building’s porte cochère will offer an impressive and elegant approach to the building, providing an area where occupants and clients can alight from their vehicles and enter the building. On-site outdoor parking spaces will also be available for short-stay/temporary parking.

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Besides being a centre of thriving commerce, the Wings complex will also be a space that fosters international and indigenous art and culture. The acclaimed artist and architect, Peju Olatise, whose works have featured in art exhibitions across the world, has been commissioned to create a series of inspiring pieces that will be displayed both within and around the building, thereby creating an aesthetically and consciously stimulating experience for esteemed tenants and their guests.

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Real estate developments in Nigeria are starting to take on a global standard as technology and innovation are finally reaching our Atlantic shores. Rectangular confinements are being replaced by buildings geared towards creating a freeing, relaxing and stimulating space that provides inspiration and calm for its residents. User experience and design innovation are at the core of today’s luxury real estate development. Higher safety standards are being implemented to secure life and property with minimal loss in the event of an accident. Ease of access as well as the efficiency of use are becoming a crucial and central theme in the new Nigerian real estate landscape and promise to be around for a very long time. Power Optimisation, reduction in maintenance cost and  great ambiance are all hallmarks of the Wings building and soon enough most office spaces in Lagos.

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The old must make way for the new. Although these luxury real estate options are not yet available for most tenants, the prospect of similar office spaces at affordable prices isn’t as far off as we might think. It’s clear that improvements in the building methods to increase efficiency and minimize cost, as well as an overall boost from a vibrant economy will make this quality of buildings become more commonplace. There’s a lot of potential within the real estate sector in Lagos and the options available for investors and tenants alike are growing by the second. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for even more revolutionary pieces of architecture and design even as Lagos works towards establishing its status as a true  megacity.


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