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These Pictures Suggest Ways to Maximise Your Small Bathroom

Of course, smaller flats are more affordable and that’s the reason most Nigerians, in this era economic downturn, resort to renting such apartments. But these can be less comfortable apartments especially because most of the rooms are small.

The bathroom is usually the most visited in a home as it is the place you have your bath, brush your teeth, defecate and even wash your clothes. But it can be very frustrating doing all these chores when you have a small bathroom.

Good news is you don’t have to remain frustrated! I discovered some exciting pictures which speak for themselves. These pictures give you hint on how to maximize your small bathroom. Find them below!

Water closet shelf

Bathroom wall

Towel Rack

shelf above bathroom door


Below the zinc

Creative, right? That’s the way it seemed to me too! If you’ve got better suggestions, kindly share them with us.

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  1. There also exists a tiny garden that houses baby turtles in its small
    lake. Sometimes local stores and eateries close with an hour
    or so during hot afternoons. If you do go mad the queue, the path vendor opposite sells beer.

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