Top 5 Places to Visit in Ilorin

Ilorin seems to be like a much more reserved town compared to other cities in Nigeria. You will agree with us that it is not as people think but just like many things, you have to look really well to see that. You probably always thought that there are not too many places to visit in Ilorin like there are in Lagos.

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This article is to convince you otherwise as we will be giving you fun places you can go to if you are in Ilorin for the first time. We hope that we succeed in wetting your appetite for Ilorin. Enjoy:

Palms Shopping Mall

Palms shopping mall
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Palms shopping mall, Ilorin is as buzzing as what you will see anywhere in Nigeria. Retail outlets have made this a one-stop centre for singles, families, romantic getaways and just about anybody.

Viva Cinemas

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Another place to visit in Ilorin is Viva Cinemas. Viva Cinemas is a very cool place to watch cinema movies.

Princess Luxury Hotels

Princess luxury hotels, Ilorin

If you plan to stay for a while, this hotel is your best bet as reviews are raving and constantly buzzing. Princess luxury hotels is one of the most popular places people want to see as soon as they get to the city of Ilorin.

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The University of Ilorin

University of ilorin

Talk about one of the major tertiary institutions in Ilorin, University of Ilorin. If you are not going in as a student, you should definitely visit the school. One important side attraction is the Botanical garden. It is not only a good sight seeing place but an excellent picnic arena and weekend unwind.

Iya Yusuf Restaurant

iya yusuf restaurant, ilorin

This restaurant is by far, one of the most popular restaurants in Ilorin. If you ever get hungry and you approach a random person, they would recommend Iya Yusuf restaurant to you because even though the food is exotic and delicious, it is affordable for anybody of any class living in Ilorin.


Have you been to Ilorin before? What places have given you goose pimples? Drop your thoughts in the comments section below




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