Top 5 Schools In Lekki

Living in Lagos is often said to be a skill deserving of mention in CVs, a joke widely shared by Lagosians. This is due to city’s reputation as the most populous state in Nigeria. It is one of the busiest places in the world and one of the fast growing city in Africa. No wonder it is dubbed the economic capital of West Africa. Over 10 million people live in the city and hundreds coming in on a daily basis because of the opportunities abound in the city.

Lagos is however divided into two: the Lagos mainland and Lagos Island. While the mainland is considered where most of the city’s transaction takes place – more than half of the population are here during the day, Lekki is considered to be where the money is. It is where the high earners of the state live. For those who know the city well, there’s a level of success consider being of Lekki status.


Lekki is the irony of everything an outsider knows of Lagos, the rough life and always busy streets. Lekki, both during the day and night is peaceful and quiet compared to other parts of the city. It is considered one of the best places in Lagos to raise children. If you are thinking of settling down in Lekki, you might want to make plans for schools your children can attend. Here are top 5 schools in Lekki in no particular order:

Lekki British School

Lekki British School (LBS) is one of the international schools in Lekki and the first British Boarding school in Lagos, Nigeria. The school was established in September 2000. LBS comprises of the following schools: Lekki British Pre-School, Lekki British Junior School, Lekki British High School with a 25-acre campus within the Lekki Peninsula part of Lagos. The school’s mission is to help students discover their talents within a disciplined and caring traditional British environment. The school is equipped with a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court among other facilities.

Meadow Hall School

Meadow Hall School is another top school with both junior and secondary school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The school was founded in July 2002 and offer combinations of the British National Curriculum and the Nigerian Curriculum. Primarily, the school runs a British curriculum school but makes sure it incorporates the Nigerian curriculum, in order to create a balance. The school is equipped with lots of facilities such as melody room, swimming pool, science laboratory among others.


Greensprings Schools

Greensprings school is another British school in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The school was established in 1985, and also have a campus in Anthony, Lagos. Its activities are divided into Preschool, Elementary, Secondary and Sixth form (University Foundation Programme & International Baccalaureate) school. Greensprings Schools run a day and boarding school for boys and girls which helps kids who live far from Lekki or outside Lagos to be a part of the modern learning process that takes place in the school. They encourage their students to be lifelong learners by instilling in them great confidence, respect and consciousness of the needs of society.

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White Dove Schools

White Dove Schools is a private school in Lekki that provide an outstanding all-round education of international standard. Committed to the pursuit of individual excellence with an emphasis on discipline, leadership training, high academic standards, moral and ethical values based on Christian principles. The school was founded in April 2004 by a group of vision-driven educationist and seasoned administrators. White Dove Schools is run as a day and boarding school with facilities for both boys and girls between the ages of 2 and 18 years incorporating kindergarten, nursery, primary and secondary. The school runs both the Nigerian and British curricula which prepare the students for NECO and Checkpoint examinations at the end of the junior high school and the SSCE and IGCSE at the end of the senior high school.


Caleb British International School

The last school on our list is the Caleb British International School (CBIS). Caleb British International School (CBIS) is a privately owned, co-educational Day and Boarding Christian School. The school is an ultra-modern school which is part of the Caleb Group of Schools which has been in existence since 1986. However, the school did not open its doors to the British curriculum until September 2009. The hallmark of Education at CBIS is high academic excellence as they prepare the students for National WAEC, Cambridge IGCSE and A Level curriculum through a holistic approach to education.

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Finding the right school for your child in Lekki should never really be a problem if you have read through this review. However, if you are at the very beginning of all searches – looking for an apartment in Lekki, you can visit to get started.

You can also share your views on the schools mentioned in the article or add to the list if you feel we should have mentioned a school and we didn’t.


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