Top 7 Most Affordable Houses for Rent in Ogun State

Ogun state is one of the fastest growing and developing states in Nigeria. It shares boundary with Lagos and Ibadan. In fact, some property location in Ogun state can be confused with those in Lagos because of how close both states are to each other. It is easy to work in Lagos and live in some parts of Ogun. Accommodation here is relatively affordable compared to the skyrocketing cost of buying or renting an apartment in Lagos.


Below are our top 7 most affordable houses for rent in Ogun state;

1. A 2 Bedroom Flat Apartment For Rent


This newly built and well finished 2 bedroom flat located in the conducive environment of Magboro, Ogun State. This area is very accessible with a good road network.

2. A 2 Bedroom Apartment For Rent


This 2-bedroom flat has 3 toilets with a functional water borehole and has a compound that can provide sufficient car parking for all. It is also fully secured. There are also Vitrified Tiles in all rooms. It is located in Ibafo, Ogun State.

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3. A 3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent


This newly built 3 bedroom flat apartment is located in Arepo, Ibafo. It comes with all its rooms spacious, nicely tiled floors, ample space for cars and a fairly serene environment.

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4. A one Bedroom Flat Apartment for Rent


This is a nice and neatly built mini flat located in a conducive environment with an accessible road network. This apartment is nestled in Magboro, Ogun State.

5. A 3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent


Situated at Yewa, Ogun State, is a tastefully and well-finished 3 bedroom flat apartment with all the rooms en suite and well furnished with well-made wardrobes, nicely tiled floors and a well-fitted kitchen.  It has an ample car parking space and it is located in a fairly serene and secured environment . It is also very accessible.

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6. A 3 Bedroom Apartment For Rent



This stylish and lovely 3 bedroom flat apartment is nestled in a fairly tranquil environment with a fairly good road network. The house comes with all rooms en-suite plus a guest toilet,  all floors are tiled, well spacious kitchen with a sink and ample parking space. It is located in Arepo

7. A Bungalow For Rent


This stylish bungalow is located in Magboro. It is located in a serene environment and is easily accessible. All the floors are tiled and the kitchen is fitted with well-made cabinets. There is also ample parking space in the compound.

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