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Laden with muscle, fluidity, sophistication and a distinct character, the 2017 BMW 7 series is a mobile powerhouse. If you are a lover of technology, movement, space and design, here’s your machine. The 740i model 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine, bundles over 300 horsepower and can roar from 0-62mph in just 5.6 secs with 41.5mpg in fuel management.

BMW Cars in Nigeria

For luxury car buyers in Nigeria, BMW has been a premier choice. Its unrivalled technology differentiates this automobile from its worthy peers. From a touch/hand gesture control infotainment system to electrically adjustable seats and 3D virtual view for easy parking. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start from the origin, shall we? Now imagine you’ve just scored yourself a new 7 series. The car key fob is sophistication. It provides remote control parking which is great for fitting into tight spaces. A 2.2-inch colour screen on the fob let’s you know when it’s time for servicing and of course it grants you keyless entry into the car. Now get into your car and experience the overwhelming comfort, luxury leathers seats and sufficient leg and headroom. Either you are behind the wheel or in the back seat, it’s comfort all the way.

Forget your iPad, this incomparable saloon comes with its own tablet. Control chair positioning, activate or change the ambient light and reading light, close and open blinds and receive pelvic, back, upper body or full body massage while you recline in the back seat. Oh and the dashboard, enjoy a 10.25-inch display featuring the state of the art iDrive system with inbuilt satellite navigation. Manage the system with a touch pad, scroll knob, voice command or gesture control. The 7 series also comes with auto cruise control, an eight-speed gearbox and wireless charging for your devices. If your love for music is way beyond then opt for Bowers and Wilkins surround system which comes with 1200 watt output bass and 16 speakers.

Can’t stand a jarring ride? The Executive Drive Pro option uses cameras to survey the perimeter in front of you in order to adjust the suspension in accordance, providing a smoother driving experience.

No doubt, some of these features are not standard options and will cost you significant extra cash but who wants a regular car? Dealers in Nigeria offer you a platter of specifications to cull from. The bottom line is getting the best options that define your taste or strike your fancy.

The car key fob is sophistication. It provides remote control parking which is great for fitting into tight spaces.

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