Turning Your Master Bedroom Into A Sleep Retreat

Bedroom designs have become really popular in the interior design field. There was a time not too long ago that bedrooms were only used for sleeping but today, bedrooms are used for more than just that. Bedrooms are used as a getaway from a hectic day or the busy world. They are a place to read, meditate, write or exercise. Your bedroom should be where you can unwind, relax and recharge for the next day.

So how do we decorate this room into a nice sleep retreat whilst considering its versatility?


The Bed Itself

The bed and the bed frame is an essential piece of furniture in a bedroom. What’s a bedroom without a bed right? However, this doesn’t mean your bed or bed frame should be typical looking.

You should choose a bed frame that is unique and can bring out a lot of character and personality into the room. Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom as it should take front and center stage

Also, make sure you make your bed every morning before leaving. This simple task can go a long way in giving you bedroom that relaxing feel.



The master bedroom in the house should have a few features like nightstands, a dresser, a comfy chair or small sofa. However, all these pieces should be chosen with care. Select good quality and a style you know you will love day after day after day. Choose pieces that complement each other especially in terms of colors. Ensure it is simple, you don’t want to keep bumping into your furniture when you are navigating around the room.

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Window space upgrade

Keep the curtains light, flowy and in neutral color tones. Make sure your curtains allows for easy access to natural light too. If you prefer to sleep in the darkest of spaces, go for some blackout blinds.

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Making an effort to keep your retreat clutter-free will go a long way in making it feel restful and peaceful.

Make use of closets, dressers, and some decorative items like woven baskets and jewelry boxes to consistently help you declutter.


Asides getting some furniture in place and some nice bedding on the bed, you should not neglect actually decorating the space.

It is amazing how simply adding a rug, some artworks, a wall gallery of photos and a few accessories can make the room space have a more welcoming feel that you would actually look forward to retreating to.


Light, neutral hues like cream, taupe,gray and blue provide a tranquil atmosphere. Nature inspired colors like moss green, fresh water blue can be soothing and relaxing  Use  coordinating colors for your beddings and walls. Similarly, in your bathroom, carry these colors into your towels and decor. For any bedroom decoration, your color choices are important. The master bedroom should be a place you can unwind and sleep in so while decorating and painting is an extension of your personality, you don’t want to make the room feel too busy.

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Lighting in your bedroom can make the difference between a typical room and a soothing sleep area. Overhead lighting can sometimes be harsh or too concentrated so create a soothing mood with soft, balanced in the room. Add lamps to brighten dark corners and illuminate each side of the bed. By controlling the lighting in your bedroom the mood can go from bright and energetic to soothing and romantic.


Scented candles, like lavender and potpourri, can go a long way in making your bedroom have that relaxing feel. You can also add some fresh flowers and nature-inspired scents for that luxurious feel

For the love of Mirrors

A statement mirror can be a good focal point for your bedroom and it can also give a classy feel to your space.

Your bedroom should be the one place that there are no worries, and where the whole world comes to a standstill until you are ready to go out into the world again.  Use these tips to turn your master bedroom into a retreat that is relaxing and classy so you can experience serenity tranquility, making  your master bedroom into the space you look forward to at the end of a long day!





  1. How about a TV just in case you don’t want to watch a movie in the living room? And you might as well want to play video game (my personal favorite). Great article

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